Types of Angels

Types of Angels

Here are some descriptions of a few of the angel types that L.E.M. has met. Several of the other kids at the Intuitive Camp have also mentioned talking with some of the same angels – even to the same name – unknown to each other…


Children’s’ Angels

L.E.M.:   The angels who wish to speak now are just visiting me for the first time:  they look a lot like the Rrea’ but most of them are from 2 1/2 to 4′ tall.  The reason I haven’t spoken with them before is that they have just arrived at this planet to protect and help the new children being born who see many angels.   ( See Eryn at Letters section).
Well, they say their nickname for themselves  is ‘Decyphers’  they like the word and know that it doesn’t mean to them what it would  to us English-speaking people. Formally we could call them, Biforious’ angels. (they work in pairs and they love in pairs).   The reason they take care of small children is that they are small themselves so they won’t frighten kids.  They just wanted to let us know that they are here.
They have a silver-shimmering energy field. Also, for them it is a bit easier for them to project color than for the Rrea’.  That is another reason they were chosen to care for children, because kids love color!


Healing Angels

February 7, 2001 Wednesday
NB:   We asked the healing angels for a conversation on how people can learn to heal.
L.E.M.: Hello and greetings. Health is a curious thing. It implies there is such a thing as un-health or disease.  And of course this concept only comes when you have a body to be un-healthy. Much of staying healthy come with proper care of your body and agreeable state of mind.  I am sure most of you already know the proper care which can be done, which includes exercising your body, feeding it healthily, drinking plenty of water – you know the basics.
Agree state of mind is less understood by your society. This includes:
Knowing yourself;
knowing what you bring upon yourself
knowing that you have no need of anything other than a perfect state of health.
Negativity of any kind brings un-health to your body.  This does not mean however to hold in your anger and fear, but instead to express it in an appropriate manner.  Find out the source of this and work through it.
If however you come to a point in your life where you have the displeasure of dealing with some sort of illness, we are happy to help.  Use us with care however; we can be worn out, and so can you.    to be continued


May 31, 1998 Sunday Healing Angels of the Universe

L.E.M.: Now, all the Healing Angels of the Universe say that we (humans) are doing a very good job of healing the planet spiritually, but  to be sure to continue!
NB:   a session about healing.
L.E.M.: Sanka says that whenever we have one of these sessions it would be good to:
1, have a circle of protection around the entire house,                   2, to call in or ask for assistance from guardian Angels who would simply watch over the work. The ones who have come now  are about 6 feet tall.  I guess they look a lot like what you see on unsolved mysteries and things like drawings that people make, they have a gold-shimmering, bubble, I guess you could say, its all over them. And they do have wings but they are not spread out.



Those healing angels are called Rrea’, members of Aleia’.

And the only way basically that you can tell men from women are that the men’s wings attach to their body at about the hips. The women’s are usually only down to the ribs.   They wear a long gown.2/96
NB: What colors? Do they all have different colors on, or the same color?
L.E.M.: That’s usually not visible to the human race.  Even with my eyes, all that I can see is the gold that is on them. But among themselves,  they see color on the gowns…. they also see the gold shimmering stuff.
NKB:   So, when humans on this planet see angels, and some people see angels in different colors – what are they seeing?
L.E.M.: That’s the angels themselves projecting – the angels consciously project  themselves to make the color come out.  What they have to do is energetically project and turn the color into the same field and force as the gold is, and then the people can see the colors.


Angels of Joy
& Plant Kingdom Angels

Nov. 24 1997   Chi-Chi’s are 4 -5″ tall. They are the ones that I saw all over the floor last week.  They’re very connected with the plant kingdom.   They are so cute and they are one of the angel types which have boys and girls.   The girls have a really, really light tint of green and the boys are light pink


2/96 The Pintetteros Angels

are the ones that I saw sliding down Eric Bergland’s harp a couple of years ago. They are always in couples. Girls wings are a tint of green, and the boys are pink.
NB: Oh, how wonderful. And what is their purpose in life?
L.E.M.: Just to make everybody happy.
NB:   and what do they do for themselves since that is what they do for humans?
L.E.M.: They dance and fly around the world to see what is going on ….and sing.

February 18, 1996 Sunday

L.E.M.:   Well, they (Sanka and the three angels) were saying that in Egypt, Siberia, Greenland, the South Pole, and Kenya – that place in Africa -all of those places, the angels are much taller, not much, much, much, but a lot taller than in the rest of the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Update February, 2001

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