In response to the growing interest in the concept of soul ray colors we decided to take some time to speak with Mother of All to have a clearer understanding of colors and the Soul Ray system as it relates to so-called Blue Ray, Crystal or Indigo children. If you would like to find out more about this topic or other systems of classification, check out our Soul Ray Colors Page.

The following sharing from Spirit created a very special,
highly spiritually-charged atmosphere .

Mother of All: [I (L.E.M.) am facing East at this point]

“Love is infinite; spirituality, universal.  Care freely [generously], for what you use on the earth flies with you beyond.
“Take care when you speak, and see infinitely. LIGHT is everywhere.
 “De doni quai, O tanki chi chitch nu [phonetic spelling].
“Colors are vibrations, pure energies. Indigo is one of them. There are many others. This energy resonates with your soul at a certain level which carries through to this life.
“It is possible for the same energy (color) to resonate at different levels for different souls.
What you do in this life depends upon YOU.


Mother of All continues: [I turn to face West]

“Di dongki tong tonk quai
“Love your Mother (every mother).  Love is infinite. Love your Father.  Be courteous.
“Di dongki tong tonk quai
“Mes amis [my friends], vous parlez [you speak] sooo well.”


Mother of All continues [I turn to face North]

“Trying to find another word for love . . . simplicity.

“You act like you live in a 2 dimensional world! You view colors the same way.  Expand them. Expand your view of colors.  There are many, many more colors.  Even the colors you know, you can perceive more from them.  They are richer and fuller; something you can eat. Something that you can walk into. They have textures and tastes and temperatures all of their own. Each soul perceives these characteristics in their own way.
“Treat loveliness with beauty. Incarcerate death.
 “Qi song gna na nidee ta tingk kay [phonetic spelling]


Mother of All continues: [I turn to face South].

[We decided to rephrase a certain sentence.  Mother of All proceeded to do something which she called a cleansing. She appeared to me in a white cloak, encompassed me in it and flew with me into the earth. We went through the core of the earth with lava and all, and then flew out the other side and swept back around to where we had begun.]
“Prayer lives on in ME (Mother of All).  Colors are a symbolism of this.Colors have meaning in your life.  Colors are everywhere.  Treat them with respect. They feel a touch, just like the string of a violin vibrates to a tone.
Mes amis, live well.


Mother of All continues: [I stand facing East]
“Rays are colors that live in you. Open yourself to them, when you are ready. Balance them with colors you see in life.  Life colors will complement your [ray] colors. . . Think of life colors as the transport, the carrier waves. Life colors are your view of reality.  They are the energies you feel and you sense all around you. They are how you perceive the world.
“By this I don’t mean the tint of which you see things, but the resonanceof parts of you to the rest of the web of life and consciousness.  Life colors you might not see physically.
“Rays are the colors that live in you. They define the energy and vibration at which others perceive you and to which you resonate with for this life. Think of your ray colors as your signature.  They “color” your imagination. 🙂  They are you.
“Careful consideration will reveal you.  Keep aware of your soul.  You know your colors.  They are for you!   They keep you safe, they help you love, they melt into your imagination. Remember, your colors are the energy within you. You live them always.  They are always with you.
“Thank you for being.  I love you.”


How to know your own ray colors
from Mother of All


      “Close your eyes, feel your energy.
“Watch the show of colors in your mind.  Be aware of the sensations that these energies bring you. Honestly compare these inner colors to the colors you see around you. What you see around you is a reflection of the light you see by.  The colors you see within you transmit energy and emotions and sensations.
“Observe these “beauties” daily. Become aware of the energy you get from these inner colors compared to outer colors.  Don’t feel you need to change these perceptions.  Simple awareness is all that is needed here.
There are many systems of thought to record the idea of spiritual growth and evolution. Here are some resources that explore the different systems.

Life Colors, by Pamala Oslie
This book confuses the terms Soul Ray with Aura Colors, however it offers a useful guidelines for identifying your soul ray life purpose

Books by Alice Bailey. For in-depth knowledge of this metaphoric system; can be difficult to interpret.