2000 Camp Photos

2000 Camp Photos

Presentations for 2000: 2nd Annual

Kay Bruch, Ed.D. Gifted Education. 2000TheWomenWeb
– GENESA – a step-in geometric form to  pattern movements for balancing,  and activating energy fields
Nancy Baumgarten, home school parent & sacred geometer, Asheville, NC
– Experiences in Synesthesia
Linda Iribarren, Master Intuitive & Spiritual Guide, Methow Valley, WA
-What is Reality?
Elizabeth Ur
, a Sensitive to earth energies, Waynesville, NC
Faeries Walk, Nature spirits
Yanttay Mott, septuagenarian Intuitive, channel

Tobin Hart
, Ph.D.. parent & transpersonal psych professor, Carrollton, GA.
– Deep empathy –
Frances Fox, Master Intuitive and diagnostician, FL www.FrancesFox.com
– Intuitive Energetics & Healing
Mary Hart
, M.S. parent, body worker & gifted education specialist,
– Roundtable parent discussion
a night shot at the old Camp Sequoah Reserve, Camp 1999Jenna Melissas, parent & Voice Instructor, Atlanta, GA
– Voice release integration
L.E.M.  (www.psykids.net), Meghan Castonqauy – Intuitive Teens
– Roundtable children’s discussion
Peter Van Deusen,  of Attention Development Programs
– Exploring neurofeedback
 Activities we had:
Discussion groups –  support, schooling, on angels, faeries, spirits,  astral travel, auras, healing, energy fields, dowsing,  etc.
Pool time, games, wade the river, paddle the pond!
Create a   “CAMP Yearbook”  art,  writing,  add to your own journal.




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