The mystical experiences of union with the Divine:
   Certainly not all psychic experiences are mystical, but the mystical spiritual experiences clearly utilize the subtle (PSI) supersenses . 


The new children experience both the everyday subtle sensory experiences and occasionally have those very special moments of connection with the ALL.
Many of us parents  can tell  you that when our children experience the spiritual reality the very energy of the air vibrates.


   We are ALL mystic children, working to wake up! We ALL are endowed with the capacity to use our life force field subtle senses.


This section highlights the transduced (channeled) information from one clairaudient young person over a 15 year period.   It is because of Llael’s work that this entire Institute was formed to honor the innate human intelligences (powers of awareness)  and to create an integral education model.


Below are a few examples of such experiences where a natural reverence permeates our lives.  ALSO SEE L.E.M’s other recorded channelings that are separated into categories of 

Angels; soul ray colorsInterspecies Communications, and Spiritual Healing.
Her journal, kept up until college, share many other types of experiences such as with aliens.  
We will be happy to include your experiences here also. Please E-mail Nancy to add your awareness journal.


Life, Love & Learning (Transduced by L.E.M)
A Poem by ALL (all Beings everywhere)


DIMENSIONS (received by L.E.M)
An explanation of the dimensional system from Mother of All.


Mother of All:

 Mother of All is a collective Consciousness of many beings.  So she is very good at communicating in this manner.  For most spirits I don’t hear sentences; I  feel a thought and then put it into words.  But for Mother of All I hear her direct sentences.  She is very good at grammar and uses words in a way that I would wouldn’t have thought to do.  She doesn’t like being paraphrased.  She just told me the reason for that is that in the past when she and other people have been channeled their words have gotten messed with and mixed up and re-interpreted so many times that they don’t mean the same thing any more.



A definition by Mother of All.
“First of all you have to discard the idea that Light is what you see by.  All the people on this earth have been so entrained to light and dark being good and bad that they have come to fear the night – which is so ridiculous.
The LIGHT that people describe at the “end of the tunnel” in a near-death experience is the metaphysical LIGHT.  It is not what you see by; you can see in the dark.
LIGHT is a feeling.  LIGHT is a brilliance that can encompass you and fill you.  You can stare into darkness and see LIGHT when no ”light” is really there. But True LIGHT is there.  True LIGHT is not the opposite of dark.
Once again: it is a brilliance.”



A definition by Mother of All
Mother of All says that all of our languages – especially English, are deficient in enough words for the various aspects of LOVE.  There should be over a 1,000.  to be continued…


All humanity is, by nature, connected to the mystical Universe/God/Goddess/Divine/Numinous realities.