Sharing. This is our portal page to different children’s experiences.  At the moment it links only to L.E.M.’s, however we would be happy to include your affirming psychic and mystical experiences here!

HI! I’m L.E.M.

I’m now a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.  My mother and I started this website when I was  11 years old as a way of creating community with others who experience a multidimensional world. I am passionate about swing dancing, tree climbing, social justice and traveling.  By sharing my experiences on these pages, I hope to inspire and encourage people of all ages to discover and acknowledge their own truths. Please feel free to browse these pages to learn about my discussions with a variety of spirits and journeys into multidimensional life.The words shared here come to me by way of spirit.  However, as with everything in life, one cannot touch something without changing it. In other words, I say all this in the context of my own knowing. Please do trust your experience and find your own context.
These are the entities whom I communicated with on a regular basis during my growing up years.:

  • Sanka, a grey wolf. She protects me,  keeps me company and plays with me, but mostly, she gives  me info on almost anything.  It’s like she has access to the Internet of the Universe. I met Sanka  at Town Creek Indian Mound outside of Charlotte when I was 9.
  • Tank-too-wa,  He guides me in doing healing work. He came to me one day when  I was putting a mud pack on my mom’s back; then later he and I performed an elaborate Indian dancing ceremony to honor my rememberance of healing. Tank-two-wa is learning on the 9th dimension.
  • Celentien is a 7’ tall angel who came to me to guide me in the ways of  communication and to keep a clear channel for me at all times (see more at Angels page).
  • Juangwa(sounds like Hahngwa): Came to tell me he wanted me to get all the psychic children together in the world (create community and networks). As I understand it, he is from a different galaxy and dimension. His self-described mission is universal harmony.
  • Mother of All is a collective consciousness of many beings (the Divine  Feminine). So she is very good at communicating clearly. For most spirits I don’t hear sentences; I receive a wordless thought or thought-impulse and then put it into words. But for  Mother of All I hear her direct sentences. She is very good at grammar and uses words in a way that I would wouldn’t have thought to do. She doesn’t like being  paraphrased, as in the past when she and other entities have been channeled, their words have gotten modified and misinterpreted far too often.