Our Animals Talk

Our Animals Talk

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Rabbits  February 2001

(and all other animals agree)

“Something for the children. Hello! :o) Thank you for being who you are.
Every one of you is unique.  You can talk with me, and I would rather hope that you do!
Draw pictures everyday.  Will you show me playing on your picture?
I am glad that you are here; it makes me happy to be with you. I am happy when you are happy. Remember me!
Bye, bye.”
The following two entries are animals voicing their concerns today:

Raccoon  May 1999

It’s so sad that we are getting too many feeding grounds – i.e. landfills. They are not good for the rest of the  animals.  There are too few who can eat from it.

Cardinals  May 31, 1999

We don’t like the landfills either – we get stuck in them when we try to land. We are getting very sick from air pollution – in the Asheville area no one has died yet, but it’s getting close. Cardinals and other small birds are having more trouble with air pollution than with the loss of nesting grounds.

Weasel   1998   Age 13 1/2 yrs.

A weasel came to visit me at 1:15 AM on early Tuesday morning.  He stuttered a lot before being able to say (still somewhat stuttering) that his name is Chikerfitt.  The message he wanted to impart is that he exists and can speak calmly once he is well concentrated. When I showed him telepathically a map of the United States,  he said he lived in New Mexico, though I’m not sure of the complete accuracy, it seemed sketchy.  “My home- whoa gotta go(silence)” OK I’m back, as I was saying, my home is under a rock in a shallow hole, with odds and ends in it to make it cozy.  I had to go because there was an eagle alert, sparked by other animals around. I’m a bachelor. Hope this is a fine addition to your Animal talk page”.  This encounter happened after a long evening of work on the website.  I had been thinking of a design for the background to the Animaltalk page, and was looking at a picture of a Stone Marten (close relative to a weasel). I thought that to put the picture up I would need to have spoken with one – this is when Chikerfitt showed up.

 Raven & Raccoon  1995   Age 10 1/3 yrs.

NKB: I asked L.E.M. to do a meditation on the animal spirit friends she has who’ve been wanting to speak… and see if the dolphins whom Kathie hears (in their language) could tell her what they are saying. They all instantly showed up to L.E.M..
L.E.M.: A RAVEN spoke: My spiritual name is Carranoo; you can call me Telepe…. – I live out where you are moving to. (To call me in the physical form use Telepe; to call in the spirit form ( to help, play, talk etc. ) use carranoo.  I will be as much service as I can at all times.  I know a lot of the other ones here tonight – all of us live out there.  He would like to be like a wild pet/friend.
RACCOON: Also wants to be a wild pet/friend. Spiritual name is Terra; but call him by Fellia. Will help if there is an emergency; but mostly likes to play.
NKB: Ask please if there is a head of the Raccoon Clan who might like to share anything with us, the human clan.
L.E.M.: There are 5 head raccoons for the Raccoon Clan of planet Earth.
NKB: Oh, there are 5 major continents – is that how they are divided in responsibilities?
L.E.M.: They said yes.  The one for North America says …if you feed them, they’ll probably become your friend. (L.E.M. laughs as she’s talking to them. Then straight forward again) If you feed them closer every day, that would help – but don’t you go closer to them – just let them come closer to you.



NKB: Okay. Now can you please ask if there are any dolphins here who could speak to Kathie – and what they are trying to say and how can we be of service?
L.E.M.: THEY WANT TO HELP!!  “We want to be your friend and yes, it is true we used to walk on the land  a very long time ago, I mean a very, very long time ago.  If we hurt you in any way, we do not mean to.”
NKB: Are they speaking specifically to Kathie on that, or to all humans?
L.E.M.: all humans in general.
L.E.M.: “Please do not capture us, but you may come to us – and actually we would be very pleased (happy) if you would.  We do need help, but I need to tell you that later. I can’t tell you yet.  Once something happens – we will tell you and then they will…. People need to learn something first.  We hope at most it will only take 3 months (and at the least only 2 weeks) to learn that certain thing.  “For you, as spiritual people, we can tell you in a few weeks – but if they do – we must not tell others, until they have learned. “A clue (to what people have to learn – to what would happen if we told them – people would misinterpret and would end up doing the exact opposite of what the dolphins need.
” If Kathie wants a way to almost know what we are saying – she wouldn’t exactly know, but could ask yes or no questions by getting a pendulum and asking which direction is yes and which is no; then get into a good meditative state and have a candle. When you ask a question, whichever way the candle flame goes is yes or no. (i.e. only use the pendulum to assess which is your yes and no directions)  “A way she can know what they are saying is like – just go into a room or just stay in the house and get in a good meditative state and ask the dolphins to SLOW down what they are saying.  If you see anything move or a wind come up – try to think of a word that — would make sense with what happened.  And put a few, ideas on paper – use different words to make a complete sentence and that would be what they said. L.E.M. gave an example of for instance, a breeze from the window blowing us a paper off a table – the two words table paper come into your mind and letting it just flow from there.
(NKB: As I type this up, it sounds like the concept of free-association which L.E.M. would not have known the expression to say, so they told her the whole darn process, eh?)
L.E.M.: The other animals are leaving.  The raven is the last one to go; is saying goodbye to me by flapping his wings while on his back, sort of…
NKB: I sort of got an image of us a symbol from Egyptian symbology and asked if it was meant that way.
L.E.M.: yes, it can be interpreted that way as well as others. It means, “happiness within you and I will always be there (within you)”

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