Healing the Earth & Her People

The following are a few of the conversations that L.E.M. has had with her guides on various healing subjects.  We offer them here as only a stepping off place for you to recognize and a honor your own ways of knowing about the universe. 

In some instances you will note that what Mother Earth or other guides has commented upon as a potential future has changed over time …either from the probabilities being changed by choices made or perhaps through L.E.M.’s own growing awareness and clarity of reception.  Hopefully this offers a good glimpse toward accepting your own inner knowings and learning discernment as well. In [brackets and italics] are notes and current interpretations added since 2004.
webearth  Earth Healing

June 1, 1999

Mother Earth and Mother of All say that another contribution to our family altar would be something that comes directly from the earth, i.e. dirt, flowers kept fresh in a vase, bark that was on the ground, etc.

May 31, 1999

Mother Earth:  “HELP! I AM DYING!! At this point you can’t just only stop polluting me…  I have given so much out I need energy and gentle gardens (L.E.M.: I interpret her to mean organic and and not digging into her too far or hard to make a garden). I need your help planting healthy trees,  especially where I am scarred. Trees pull in so much loving energy and they distribute it to me. As the trees give me loving energy, I give it back and this process continues and creates more loving energy.”

Trees automatically do this along with all other plants and animals  currently. But she also needs this energy exchange with humans, and we have to start it.  We need to give her energy each day to keep the process  going. This is because we have never reached the hundredth monkey. Once the critical mass of people giving energy to the earth has been reached it will  become automatic.  We lost this symbiotic connection just a bit after we became Homo sapiens.

Mother of All and Mother Earth say there are several ways to  give energy to Mother Earth:

1.   Stand on the ground in bare feet and think of Loving the earth,  the plants, trees, animals and imagine the whole Earth as seen from space. Love that image.

2.   Visualize the same thing as above and either put your hands on a tree or on the ground.

3.   Also visualizing the same thing you can hold something in your hand that comes directly from Mother Earth.  It must not have been changed by humans.( no cut stones or wood, no fertilized plants) A fertilized tree that is still living and in the ground is OK.

 The Dolphins spoke up as Mother of All finished these directions  and said,

“Doing this loving energy exercise every day helps every thing that  lives on the earth, not just the earth.  Please do this!”


May 31,1998  L.E.M.: A major change from earlier discussions: Sanka and Juangwa say that we changed to the blended third/fourth dimension between end of December and beginning of February 1998, it varies from place to place and person to person. Some of the things that can change a date so  much could be, for instance, a vast amount of people wishing or praying for it to be so.  It can also come a change in plans, more people ready for the change.

November 24, 1997

L.E.M.: We will not change to the blended third/fourth dimension  until another 4 to 7 years [I have yet to understand the significance of distinctions such as these].

November 18, 1997

L.E.M.: Sanka now says that earth changes have started within the  last 2 months and will last for only 3 years instead of 5 because a group in India has prayed for world Harmony.
New York would now take 60,000 people in New York praying everyday for a month to change the prognosis for New York

[Update 2004: Very concrete interpretations of my knowings like this I think was influenced by my age and the material the questions were based upon.  The essential message remains however;intention has powerful effects, and there exists a critical mass at which point events may be altered.] 

June 24, 1997

L.E.M.:  Oh and before we took a break a while ago, we were  going to start talking about healing the earth with all of the rays.  As I spoke about earlier. Sanka mentions that the little 2″ angels come from the red ray planet and that they have the most energy and the most happiness of any species that is known. Anyone have a question to get me started?

NKB: we just listened in the last two weeks to the tapes of Patricia Cote-Robles. At that time you indicated to me that her channeling was close to 99% correct and it was very heart warming to us and made us feel great to hear that …  there are over 51% of people now of the light, so the earth changes in form of geophysical changes are not going to happen –  though still a lot of climate changes – and the energy of openness and love is exponentiating.

L.E.M.:   (One of the things that was not true in there was that we are not quite in the 4th dimension yet – not until about middle of 1998 …or later).

NKB: L.E.M., you were very aware from listening to that, that  many of the earth changes that you had translated just over a year ago is changed in form in how it will happen –  with the aid that we are getting on  this planet now. So if Sanka could speak to an updated version of earth changes and how it will affect our life and those especially of children and what should be the guiding points we should know for the next few months or year?

L.E.M.:  One thing that Sanka wants to add about the web page, is  that there should be links to each child’s spiritual journal, one to mine and one to all the other blue ray children [used at the time to designate children currently aware and experiencing their intuitive/psychic nature].  Some of the other children will be too young, a lot of them will, but of the ones who are 6 and up, there should be one page of a small description of each experience.
February 18, 1996

L.E.M.: Yeah.  Some earth changes will happen no matter what  people do. New York is going to do down, under the sea. And so will…

NB: How soon is Sanka seeing that for?

L.E.M.:  15 years, well, maybe a little less.

NB: Wisconsin?

L.E.M.:  Everywhere near the great lakes is incredibly safe, except  near the coasts.

NKB: How about what Gordon Michael Scallion says.

L.E.M.:  At the time when he predicted them, they were all true,  but many things have changed since then, so a few of them may still come true and many will not.
People Healing

June 1997  Athens, GA

L.E.M.:  I met a wonderful lady named Livia who visited from  Italy. She taught me some great techniques for people healing.  One of the things we did was to do a mini research on water.  to look with my auric eyes at tap water in a glass and then to charge another glass with our own energy directed at it by thinking of happiness and healthiness, and by directing energy from the heart and through our hands.
Then I compared the two glasses of water.  I saw an aura around the charged glass of water and nothing around the city water. The  life force that we create in our own drinking water will increase our own life force when we drink it.
Livia also did some meditations with us, and it was interesting to have to hear it translated from Italian by another friend each time.
   Learning to Heal Cancer

NKB: How often should the work should be performed, if L.E.M.  wanted to learn how to completely heal a person from cancer.  The level of abilities you were born with will allow you to develop what?

L.E.M.: If I work every day for 6 months for ½ hour a day, I’d  be able to just go over somebody with my eyes and heal them of cancer, AIDS or whatever, but that is way too much work for my body.

NB: Right, so what would be a better plan.

L.E.M.: To work about 20 minutes once a week, and I would  work to the point where, Sanka is just telling me this over again, to where I could heal somebody of cancer, AIDS, in about ½ hour of maybe two  sessions.  That would go on about a year or so to develop.  And kids who are born in ten years with my level ability would develop this by about ten years old or younger – the youngest about 7 or 8.

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