These are the angels who I have had the pleasure of communicating with over the years.  There are many others who you or your children may have met. I have always had a joyful and uplifting feeling around all of them. 

Children’s’ Angels       Angels of Joy & Plant Kingdom Angels

Healing Angels       Communication Angel (Celentien)           

Message of Encouragement (Feb 2001)

ANGEL Messages       Wednesday, May 14, 2003  3:00 PM

This following planned angel communication session is shown with full notes to offer other families our insights  into how one teen uses several of her subtle senses to communicate, how these senses blend together, and how discernment and refinement of interpretation is accomplished. 

L.E.M.: Well, they are here and they say the space is good.  (We had done saging all in all rooms and lit candles and been in quiet space together, but individually in preparation, as is our usual.

L.E.M.: But I’ve just eaten and my stomach isn’t ready to be still.

Nancy: Do you mean that even though the angels are here, you would rather do this later?

L: No…

N: Well, how about standing up?

L: (instant agreement and new comfort level – in fact so much so, that she might continue to do these kinds of sessions as she moves!)  There is a large angel here who isn’t Celentien. He looks like… don’t know, about 9 feet tall (or as tall as the ceiling permits). His name is something like Awarre, or Asante.  I feel like Asante and I have met before because… I notice myself acting more childlike than usual – unconsciously, more nervous…


Do you know the Where and when?

The details are not important, but he says the nervousness is caused, not (simply) by meeting him before, but from my holding onto his reputation from before;  of his being a wise and powerful Being. He says he is not anymore so than others of the angels (but being slightly modest in that).

He is also known as Ausantu. I’ve become more peaceful now. Partly because of having refined the name.  It is much closer to the one I know him by.

He has brought with him …. The whole room is filled with angels.  The tallest are standing in the back and each height down in rows so that we can see everybody. There is a young angel, only a little taller than me.  He’s so young, as he is still developing his identity. His name at the moment sounds like Lay-al, though it is not permanent.  And Lay-al has come as an apprentice to Ausantu.

Representatives are also here from the group of angels who are a bit taller than the Chi-Chi’s (oh, this sounds so Darwinian) they are an evolutionary branch  off of the Chi-Chi’s.

From all the angels:

“You Aryans!”(not interacting a lot, meaning in general they are  passive receivers).  They showed me an image of indigenous Africans connecting with angels & dancing with them.  The extreme of that is only wanting things from them; the opposite end of the spectrum  from being passive. They encourage the interactive middle ground…. (L.E.M. as passive receiver).

Well, shall we put on music and dance?

L.E.M. put on what we had been listening to yesterday, Cirque du Soleil,  and we both danced joyfully and felt in communication (I gave thanks for  reminding us and for the joy).  Then L.E.M. indicated that they liked that and we were ready to begin.

“We are not a ‘race’; we are not God incarnate; we are not animals; we are not earthlings. In fact we are not  terrestrial.”

“We exist physically and otherwise.” (They can exist physically,  for a short period if they choose, however are not birthed into physicality, simply shift their existence). Not wanting to brag – but they can easily do that more than most beings.

“You too can choose to be an angel when you die.  It’s like “reincarnating” but it’s not incarnation precisely, as it doesn’t involve becoming “carnal” or physical”.

“There are lots of misinterpretations and misuses of angels today.”

[When I(Nancy) said I couldn’t keep up writing with how fast she was speaking,  L.E.M. said that speaking with angels is different than with dolphins, who sometimes say the direct words, or with Mother of All who always speaks with deliberate exact words. The angels communicate with instantaneous download of what they want to say.  L.E.M. then verbalizes what she knows.]

Those misconceptions may be true for other beings or for other understandings of what an angel is, but for this group of beings I have identified  as angels, these things are not true (semantics, in other words.)


– There’s not a set time to die, when living as an angel.  0-100 might make be a reasonable estimate for humans. For angels, they live as long as they feel they are being of service and are growing for themselves as well.

[L.E.M. facing North with apparent intention] “We live to nurture the growth of  consciousness and awareness of the “field” of that which finds and connects us all; connects all beings and consciousness together.”

[L.E.M. facing South with hands open and overlapped held out from 2ndchakra]

“We live to serve for the continuing exploration of the effects of this connection.  In a sense, we are scientists piecing  together, or rather, deconstructing and piecing back together, the complex interactions of the universe.”

“We go about this experimentally with an [ideology – L.E.M. can’t find word right now] that the universe is at its optimum, when  all beings are in unconditional loving coherence with one another.”

“About the word optimum: There is a force throughout the universe, the opposite of entropy – neg-entropy, that is  coherent.   Not that the world should be at the point where there would be no more growth – But there is a force that guides everything toward that point and we work to encourage that.”

“You can formulate what this force is – like in a similar way as to how scientists define negative entropy. Given a state where  no counter forces exist, the universe will tend towards unconditional loving coherence.”

Saying this they don’t mean to counter physical laws, that if you look (like general systems theory) at Universe as a whole, the processes which human  scientists look at and see entropy, in the grand scheme of things, it appears to angels anyway, that they tend toward coherence, not chaos.

But the angels are modest and in this scientific spirit, they do not presume they know everything there is to know or that what they know is the ultimate truth.

[Nancy asked with reference to Mandelbrot sets and proving apparently that there is greater order beyond the apparent chaos; they agreed that is what they  mean].

I asked whether Ausantu was the angel that L.E.M.’s godmother, Linda Iribarren, had been intuiting this morning

“Yes.  Linda knows Ausantu by another name, or rather doesn’t know a name for him, but is often in contact with him.”(continuation of private answer)

They encourage all children, all people, but especially all children because they usually have less ridiculous expectations, to connect with an angel.   Establish a relationship with one or several angels [because earth is coming into a time when earth’s people will be a very good ally to angels…]

N: Please clarify: is it their intention to mean that humans will help angels?

Ah ,no, not quite … okay, they agree that could be interpreted that way…]

“The future holds many exciting possibilities for humans and angels to work together.”

Continued Angel Conversation from previous day May 15, 2003 3:20 PM

We felt the need for.. pinon today.  Time for settling; L.E.M. sitting angled on a floor pillow so her back is aligned with chest open, per Celentien, her  angel mentor for clear communication.

On the subject of Linda’s questions.

Ausantu“Linda wants to know ...”He smiles. Something she can not know in its entirety… (lots more to that)… in her present state.”

Allow “it” to turn upside down and to flow out from the top, but in what she thinks is the bottom ( “to go backwards”).   They say that’s okay.  – it’s not “wrong”.  I see this image like a brown paper package… flip over with the end up, and then (energy) come out the new “top”.

For a detail on how L.E.M. perceives:  For example, when my eyes were closed, I got the above information all at a chunk, then had to  verbalize it at the end, as opposed to sometimes getting it in pieces. As so:

  • hearing the first sentence
  • receiving an emotional feeling of the smile (vs. an amorphous and less intentional meaning)
  • then image of an object that “wanted” to turn upside down]

N: Is Ausantu willing to discuss the “it”?

[The answer includes a feeling, an image of a physical action, and keywords for personal consideration and meditation.]

N: Guardian angels?

Are there really one for each human on planet, and/or does a person have to have the intent to ask for one etc..…

There are not as many angels as there are people here on earth. But if you ever ask for the assistance of an angel, they will present themselves. And not that  they would be solely for one person but more as a family member who might” look after” you.  Think of a family member who “cares”.

N: Would Ausantu please speak about how to be most helpful for the young children who have “frightening” experiences?

Just asking for an angel will not eliminate the problem:

  1. Asking for an angel specifically for the purpose of eliminating negative entities
  2. and providing that intention, probably will –
  3. along with doing your own work (clearing space).

However, if it doesn’t do it, then the reason for negative entities bothering a child – might be best addressed by talking with the child.  They can choose to understand  and deal with it now, or in a few years.

Dealing with it may include simply understanding the true nature of the event. It could be  part of themselves, their negative energy, that they don’t’ know how to integrate.

There are so many possibilities. Among them are:

  • the psychological problems arising from negative entities bothering them
  • their own psychological issues the attract entities to them.

If the children are in healthy family dynamics this should not happen.  Can use the ‘respect/awareness continuum” that Nancy has started for the senses, using examples from your experiences as a way to demonstrating.

N: Could Ausantu please talk about my experience in the western desert of Egypt (1984) – with the beings I met there?

Before we begin, you should trust yourself more and know you have just as useful and immense and valid knowings as anyone else.

“Yes, the beings are ‘real’. However, there is a difference between real, and being what you interpreted them to be.”

Multiple beings. I felt like there was one who presented himself to you without wings.  There was one. There were others who were part of your Larger Self that you’ve experienced being in the past. They are part of you. If you get rid of time – they can coexist with the now time.


February 2001
From all the angels.

“You adults need us more than the children do. Your fear will spur fear in them.  Your love will tender love in them.  A loving environment will allow them to grow into enlightenment, and eventually you too.”

Leorna/Leeania: “Ask your children to draw a picture of me.  They will know who I am.  I come in many forms. The picture is of no importance. The act of remembrance, of me and others, is.
“If they ask you who I am, ask them, ‘Who do YOU think she is?’”

Ambreen: “Teach your children acceptance. With this they will learn all else they need to know. Angels carry LIGHT.  You can too.”

Tianu: “Carry the following with you wherever you go:
LIGHT is indestructible.
Your children know this.”

All Angels:  “Bless you, Namaste.”

Guardian & Communication Angel

3/23/98 Celentien .  I was reading Golden Dolphin Society Newsletter , section  “Time to  get Started” and I was wondering at the same time, if my talking to dolphins and spirits was made up or if I was really hearing correctly.  I saw a tall figure beside me all of a sudden, and then felt my  head just slowly starting to rise up from the paper, I couldn’t stop it until it  was straight up and he/she was then in front of me, about 7′ tall.
Celentien told me his/her name (no gender) and said, “This is how you should sit when you are communicating; and be sure to breathe a lot and deeply.”  Celentien also said that it is easier to  communicate when you can see the entity.  I so easily spoke with Celentien that I should just trust my feelings when they’re talking about something more serious because it’s just the same.
I saw all these animals appear in the air up around him. They would like to speak (crowding for position as they did in our doorway a few years ago.)
Celentien will be my guide in having a clear channel and will help with that if I choose.
I had the feeling/thought that its very important that the information that I receive get distributed, because there are not so many of us who are old enough to get this information out.
And Celentien has already met Eryn (a 4 year old with abilities like myself whose mother just found our web site).  Celentien makes sure that Eryn is protected and that all that she receives is clear also and that it is very urgent that Eryn and I get together.
Then my head started going up even further until I was looking out the high clearstory windows and I saw Celentien flying through the branches up into the sky – with a whole lot more flexibility than a human body.
Sanka added that what I had just interpreted as trees  in this physical, had actually been trees in a sort of astral plane that I was seeing through to.  She also adds that Celentien is very skilled in moving things within this world and that it was she/he who pushed Eryn safely back up the stairwell when she was a baby.

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