Soul Ray Archetypes

Soul Ray Archetypes

Our Take On Ray Color Systems
by L.E.M.

We often get questions about soul rays and dimensions. We strongly feel that there are innumerable ways of viewing our dynamic universe, and thus no one explanation will suffice.  As we understand it, the soul ray system is a conceptual template for the different ways of learning and knowing through which a soul can choose to experience for any one lifetime. When one speaks of soul ray colors, they’re using color as a symbol for a certain group of personality types and drives.


It’s important however to not be defined by a single set of these. It’s sometimes easy to recognize truth in a certain label, and then gradually to feel that that must encompass the totality of oneself. Not true! You are a Being of infinite potential!


Other systems that give insight into our nature include classics like astrology or psychological measurements like the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.


Almost every civilization known has their own way of defining categories of persons. The Chinese order it by the year of birth and cardinal direction using animals as symbols. Carl Jung has written a lot on what he called archetypes:
“an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from the past collective experience and present [existing] in the individual unconscious.” In other words, a symbol or way of being that comes from the collective (un)conscious of a culture.


Joseph Campbell, renowned for his work in comparative mythology, has found that certain archetypes may be found in the mythology of all cultures across the globe. They are a part of humanity’s psyche. Basic examples include things like “the Hero,” or “the Mother.” We embody different archetypes at different times in our lives (different moments of the day), playing out our own version of narratives that exist in the consciousness of our society.


Perhaps archetypes may be drawn not only from the consciousness of humanity, but the collective unconscious of all that exists, the universe, the spirit world, our past/simultaneous lives etc. So when we find that we are a Sagittarius, for example, with a certain birth chart, or an Indigo ray child, there may indeed be aspects of these groupings that we express in our lives. But above all we individuals are connected and inescapably a part of all other beings, and therefore may express an infinite number of ways of being. No one group of people has a monopoly on any abilities. Groupings such as the ones mentioned here do help us to see the perspective by which we see life, and perhaps to better understand that it is merely one way of many.

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