Experiential Education CampSchool:
An enrichment program for multi-sensory awareness
The Profound Awareness “spiritual intelligence education program is designed for individuals, mentors, and families who find themselves raising children who express this conscious awareness.Camp-Conferences for the Intuitive and Creative Arts for families and  Teens. Develop and discover your psychic senses and mystic wisdom; meditation; games;  hiking; labyrinth-walking; special crystal bowl concert; Fairy Walk;  Meet others like yourself; learn and share how to deal with the etheric  world experiences.

Camp continues each year to incorporate our visions of an integral, consciousness-based education.   The Intuitive Arts Program is a magical blend of the traditional Family Camp and a Conference on Consciousness for all age groups.
Please refer to our program highlights from previous years. 
 A Multigenerational, Multisensory and TransformativeExperiential Education Vacation 
For All Ages

the Intuitive Arts education Camp-Conference!

         Co-Sponsored by Profound Awareness Institute
and ChildSpirit Institute  
Since 1999 

Presenters are experts in their field and are chosen for their known
psi-intuitive capacities, high integrity and capacity for JOY

All humanity is endowed with the bio-etheric senses of psychic intuition and access to the mystical.  Many people are experiencing an awakening in their lives at this time.