Dolphin Communications

Dolphin Communications

May 1999 – LFA’S, UFO’s
May 1998 – LFA’S, dolphin community structure
Mar 1998 – Low Frequency Active SONAR, whales
Nov. 1997 – Background History
June 1997 – Gaseous Split at mid-Atlantic ridge, UFO’s, Mshvau (hyperspace traveler)
1996 –  Gaseous Split and Magma bubbles, On-ton-stra-me,         whales


May 31, 1999 Monday

Dolphins speaking are On-ton-stra-me from the Gulf and Gha-trude from above the Azores at the latitude of France.
“We’re Happy! The sounds have stopped! We are healthy.  Some still have their rashes from the Low Frequency Active Sonar(LFAS). But we do fear that the Sonar will come back.”
A few small spaceships came around a few weeks back, they didn’t have very bright lights, but enough to see them. The ships are not from the U.S. government.  They come from an area not far from our solar system. They are one of the few species in our galaxy that has the capability of space travel.   The dolphins communicated with the them. They are here as scientists, to gather data, not to intimidate us.  Their ships do not use fuel in our sense of the word. They tesseract, meaning it folds space.  The ship that tesseracted here is only semi-large, just a bit larger than a soccer field. The ones the dolphins saw are small and come from the semi-large one.  They are unmanned data collectors that are sort of like a hologram, in the sense that one of our planes could fly through it.  A human could only see it if sunlight hit it correctly, and even then, it would just be a glimmer.  They move by spinning somewhat like a gyroscope and have large wing like things that can collect data from a large area.
In four dimensional geometry, the tesseract, also called an 8-cell or regular octachoron, is the four-dimensional analog of the cube, which is in turn the three dimensional analog of the square. The tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square; or, more formally, the tesseract can be described as a regular convex 4-polytope whose boundary consists of eight cubical cells.


May 31, 1998 Sunday

L.E.M.: A General Dolphin Spokesperson says:  All of the Low Frequency SONAR has basically been continuing the same as reported in March – with a few continuing deaths.  They have heard about the idea of Cetaceans receiving nationhood status from the U.N.  and though they aren’t aware yet of all the benefits of it, they would really like that. They don’t know if the U.N. would  acknowledge what the dolphins have to say through a psychic such as myself, but if it could help they would like to say,
“We have a system that you could call a Government: ….it’s not so hierarchical as yours, but we have Representatives from each different Pods and we have Pods that make up a Group and we have Representatives for each Group, (we recognize that there is a difference as you define us, between one subspecies than another, but our groups are mostly based on place).  Then we also have Regional Representatives.  Lastly we have about 8 Planetary Ocean Representatives who stand for our whole species.
.          On-tons-tra-me (Gulf of Mexico spokesperson) says that they have not had much trouble at all with the low frequency SONAR in the gulf of Mexico.  He has however heard from other dolphins who have.
L.E.M.: Mshvau, (an off-world person, who spoke to me originally through the dolphins) popped in to say thank you for your courtesies; we didn’t however get a chance to land on your planet, we almost did.  However, we are now on our way to another planet that appears to be very little inhabited, yet habitable for us.


March 15, 1998

L.E.M.: We contacted dolphins to find out about the Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS).
MEDITERRANEAN – There a leader of the dolphin pod that is between the bottom of Italy and Greece, whose name is
Syanad: He says that mostly what happens is that one dolphin will start getting very sick and then all the dolphins near the first one will get “queasy” though sometimes damage is much worse, such as death.  It has been mostly constant for the last two years with sometimes a 24 hour break – rarely.
It makes them very nervous and it disrupts their thinking pattern and is also lessening their food supply since it also affects fish.  It also strongly affects how they communicate and can screw up the sounds.  Some dolphins are going crazy and  are almost burying their heads in the sand to get away from the noise. It is also affecting whales, mostly around Hawaii and the sound is giving both dolphins and whales a kind of rash where the skin almost peels off in some places.
It is also hard to keep food in your body because it disrupts the digestive system and you keep throwing up a lot.  If we keep really, really calm and breathe more than we have to, then it can help the food stay in our stomach.



There is a pod a little north of Kauai who are getting majorly affected by the low frequency SONAR.  Telanmar, a porpoise spokesman  for the group says that they are in dire duress! Their group is getting really nervous and crazy about all the sounds going through the water, This level of intensity of duress has been going on for about 10 moons.  The sounds started a little bit longer than two years, but not constant, more like a week on, two days off something like that. There have been more than the two baby deaths – about 5 other dolphin deaths near Hawaii that they know about. They started talking to some really nice aliens who they found about a few weeks ago and the aliens put out a good frequency that really helped to calm them.
A whale named Caali says that they are having a little better luck dealing with the SONAR’S partially because their bodies are so much bigger. But they are still getting rashes that are peeling the skin and their mouths are getting really “dry”. There is nothing that we could say to you that you already haven’t thought of to do, to get this to stop.


Background History:

On-ton-stra-me, a leader of a group of dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico; Calclius; Steramina, mother of Baby Lithia; Alflias, mated with Steramina have been relating the situation in their part of the ocean for the last two years, and are related to a group near Greenland.
November 18, 1997
L.E.M.: On-tons-tra-me says that the gaseous bubbles are now really rare – about once a week.  They have been talking to a lot of very large lights in the sky.


June 24, 1997

L.E.M.: Okay, the dolphins are going to come in and……. sort of hard to pronounce his name, Malour(n), sort of French.  Could you pass me the globe, Mom?  This dolphin actually lives sort of around France …along the coast of United Kingdom, off the coast of Ireland. And he has a pod (not the same as the Greenland group].
He has a wife, mate …….Sellrah, two children and a brother. One of the children is very conscious, or aware of what’s going on in their life, his name is Geston; and the other child is called Faeire, and the uncle’s name is ….Tleon …. They haven’t had too much trouble with the gasses, it was there but not much longer. But they have had the situation with the crevice in the bottom of the earth, with the magma stuff. But it is starting to close over. But they have an incredible increase in contact with UFO’s and aliens, and talking with them.


NKB: How do the dolphins see UFO’s?

L.E.M.:  They see bright lights coming down into the ocean….
NKB: One of your Greenland dolphin pods saw…
L.E.M.: Oh my god , that thing was HUGE! That was like more than a UFO, that was like a city the size of New York thing. Malourn has contact with the Greenland pod and they’ve figured out since then what that thing is. The dolphins just a few months ago got in touch with the Universal Web.  They found that ship was like a base. That species is asking for help actually.  Their original planet got attacked and they have been forced to build and live in star ships so they haven’t touched ground in a long time. Now they do have a simulator,  They’ve got that. They are not in need of food, but they are in need of fresh air.  They are from another galaxy, and they’ve got a lot of technology – they totally mean well, and they don’t want to scare our planet to death by landing on this planet because they do look a little strange from our point of view.
NKB: So the group you are speaking about is the same as the huge UFO group that the Greenland pod saw?
L.E.M.: Yeah, they’ve got a population of about 20 billion.  They used to live on a planet about the size of Jupiter. They could spread out. But they’ve 2 huge bases that size, Malourn hasn’t seen the huge one, but he’s seen a lot of the smaller ones. No one has seen it because not a lot of humans live in Greenland.
Malourn has been in contact with a lot of that species, they call themselves ….just a minute …..they call themselves the Triclops…
NKB: Oh, so they have three eyes?
L.E.M.: Oh, yes they do! That means 3 eyes?
NKB: Yes, that’s why I want you to study Latin. They probably don’t call themselves Triclops, they probably translated it for us that way.
L.E.M.: Yes, they did. See, the dolphins are translating from – they have many, many many languages they speak. So the dolphins are translating from a translation, sort of. I’m translating the dolphins who have translated that – so it’s all mixed up.  But their language is sort of like the dolphins, but it’s sort of like a squirrels talk I guess, though not as high.
….L.E.M.: okay, you know how Chinese has a lot of words that sound really close to each other?  Well, this language is even worse than that ….anyway they have been asking the dolphins, Malourn for help. And Malourn knew that he could talk to me, and he knew that some other pods have contact with some other children on the earth that they can talk with. And this is one of the things they like, if we could get it on our web page, and when we make the new web page, if we could put it on that. They would like our permission to give them a few thousand acres of land, where they could just come down, and they could just have some fresh air and if they could find another; they just need to get on the ground and then their frequencies on the ground, they’ve got technologies that they could look through this whole galaxy and look for inhabitable planets…
NKB: Are they exhausted, just completely exhausted? …and they don’t want to overrun our planet…
L.E.M.: Yeah, and oh NO, and I can FEEL their good energy, this isn’t a trick to overrun our planet, they also know, even if some other species did want to, it wouldn’t work because this planet has a guard against that. But they just want a few thousand acres permission to come down and if we could put like lights around that acreage so they could see where it was, they could come down and then search the planets for inhabitable planets and then they’ll leave our planet             for us to be alone and then they’ll go there and they’ll start their colony there.  But they have been just hanging out in space for just hundreds of years – they’re just asking to get some fresh air and land and then leave.
YM: what kind of climate do they prefer?
L.E.M.:  ….A little colder than this planet would be good
NKB: So Greenland would be Okay?
L.E.M.:  It would be good if they could have somewhere in the high parts of like, well it doesn’t have to be – just a whole planet that is the same temperature like the arctic circle.
NKB: And they haven’t made contact with any of our government agencies?
L.E.M.: No, they don’t want to get in contact with our government. They would like a happy relationship with this planet so we could depend on each other.
NKB:  This is such different information – would you please check the energy field again and be sure who you are talking with, just to be sure…….
[general clearing]
L.E.M.: ….Sanka says they are completely of the Light.
NKB: Okay, is there any contact person who is sending this message through the dolphins.
L.E.M.: Okay, this is really translated, but you could say … Mshvau, but really pressed together. And he is an over ruler of their whole species and he has been guiding their species and taking care of ones that…
NKB: He must be aware that contacting child psychics ….who don’t have an opportunity to have a 1000 acres …I just don’t know how…
L.E.M.: Yes, he knows …you see they are just really in dire need, because they’ve got some children that like, translated into our age, um, like 20 and under that are just really sick because of not having fresh air. And they live, what we call years – 200-300 years
NKB: So they are the equivalent of babies…
L.E.M.: Yeah, they’ve got babies that are 20 years old that just can’t, their bodies can’t handle the recycled air.  They’ve got good technology;  if it were our technology we would all have suffocated, but, it’s still recycled air no matter what….
NKB: So hasn’t Mshvau been able to contact any other people?
L.E.M.:  ….just a minute, I’ve got to get into contact with Mshvau …..I’ve been talking to the dolphins …..okay ……. Oh, Mshvau is in this room.  Mshvau was just now thinking of using my body for speaking, because that’s how their species does it, but Sanka said no we can’t do that to my body, their bodies are sort of different they can take in another presence, but Sanka said I couldn’t do that, so he is just going to stay in the room ….He’s sort of … weird looking. They have four arms but only two legs and since that makes them top heavy they have a big balancing tail. Though they are not slimy or gooey (unlike movies). They actually had really silky skin (like a white dolphin).
[rest is deleted and/or private material.
We checked this transmission several times and meditated later and asked clear-seeing friends – we all came to the knowing that this was a clean translation(channeling) session and that these beings are entirely of the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator. A remarkable session for us, heartfelt desire to help.]


From 6/20/96

             NB: Can the dolphins give us an update on the situation with the oceans?
L.E.M.: On-tons-tra-me says that the gaseous column split is no longer all down the length of the Atlantic.  Now it just rises like a bubble and then closes, sort of like a breathing chest, at different places.  The 10-legged object now goes up and down along the line where the gaseous column used to be – mostly in the upper Atlantic. They say they see about 5 bubbles a day. He has updated the image for me and realizes the \quote legs’ are angular, more like a machine than an animal.  It is about 7′ long and the center is a sickening yellow similar to the gas that had been in the split.  It doesn’t make a sound at all.  Steramina and her baby Lithia have just now seen the 10-legged object move its’ legs’ in at the joints. This is only about the 2nd time that’s been noted by the dolphins. There are three of them.
There are still 6 of the spongy-shaped shimmering objects hovering in the earth split at their own locations (see drawing).  They have done more calls to it, and it always gives the same call back. They can’t tell any difference between each of them, so they assume they are mechanical since all living things have their own sound. Plus they feel no living vibration from them.
As far as the huge light, they haven’t seen it since.



NB: The first part of the healing session we worked on healing through hands-on healing.  I had asked L.E.M. a question about the development of her healing ability over time and then, do they have any comments on the whales beaching themselves and other dolphin die-offs?
L.E.M.:  Some of the whales are getting scared of the results because of the pain they’ve gone through with the gaseous split column. The dolphin also think there is a disease but they don’t know more (at this time).

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