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 2004CailieinWoodsThe last 20 years have seen an incredible explosion of spiritual evolution in many of our children.  While the research into human consciousness and creativity has reached  mainstream science and there has been phenomenal audience for spiritual growth programs for adults, up until now there has been no consistent outlet for those same abilities displayed in children.

Many recent books have noted this growing phenomenon of children whose native intuitive abilities and noetic understandings are either displayed quite obviously very early in life, or whose abilities begin after a near-death experience or other trauma.  Many children spontaneously tell of their earlier lives in other places or even other planets; they answer  questions that their parents were not thinking out loud; they talk about being out of their bodies when sick or mention to their preschool teachers that their angels are standing in the room for instance.   Mention of faeries, auras, using healing hands and having advanced scientific knowledge are common.  Most often their parents have no direct education in learning how to respond, or to teach discernment of these  experiences.


The first Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp in 1999 grew out of one mother and her highly psychic daughters’ web page started 1996 and its discussion list  – to find and share these experiences with others. Since then many hundreds of parents have written to share their concerns of how their children and families would be perceived and how to solve ongoing metaphysical issues (not addressed through traditional religious outlets).  The need for a community of openness and sharing is great. The children need acknowledgment and to feel there are others like them so that they can grow up with a sense of belonging to the global community. Many of the issues of parenting these children are best resolved by a deep understanding and grounding in metaphysical studies and transpersonal activities .

Designed to be a service by parents for their families, this small group doubled in participants from 1999 to 2000 (from 30 to 60).  Each year there have been volunteer presenters  who themselves display high intuitive abilities whose professional careers involve these abilities in some aspect.  Similarly to the characteristics of gifted children, these abilities need nurturing in our society for the optimum growth of our society to the recognition that these high-perceptive abilities are the natural function of all humans (which Joseph Chilton Pearce called ‘primary perceptions’).

The Long term goal for this initiative is to develop a completely integrated educational model for the full development of these full range of perceptive abilities similarly as any specialty school for the musically, athletically or academically talented.  The nonprofit organization, ChildSpirit Institute has been formed to address these needs, of which the Camp has become one program.  A national felt need for this dialogue is seen in the outpouring of the diverse group of professionals who came to the 1st Children’s Spirituality Conference held by Dr. Tobin Hart and Mary Mance Hart of ChildSpirit Institute in Atlanta in 2002 and again in 2004 held in conjunction with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in California..  Sample presentations from camp include: The Blue Star past life remembrances; Cellular Memory Awakened; Deep Empathy; Ancient Mystery Schools: Relevance for Intuitive Children Today; Animal Talk; Metaphysical Parenting; Working with Schools; Educational Brainstorming/Curriculum Development.

Funding requested:

To provide this first stage toward a primary perceptions’ educational model, we have organized the Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp for families.  Sponsors are needed to  provide scholarships for those families who find this type of specialized educational enrichment to be beyond their means. Often these abilities are displayed in all family members and therefore families of multiple children find this an financial hardship.  And since there are virtually no other outlets for this type of learning, families cannot simply send their child to the psychic “Y”; the need is for the whole family learning together. Children as young as one year old are displaying high level intuitive capacities which need addressing in the home, way before standard school age, so parents are often confronted with the need for budgeting an educational program far earlier than normally expected.

Twice as many families would like to have come to camp in past years a were able to because of finances.  We desire to provide this experience and learning for every family  requesting it.  Cost of the camp and workshops for Summer 2004 is $395.00 per person, three years old and up. ( This rate includes most presenters coming as volunteers for very modest, less than cost,  honorariums)  Providing full scholarship for approximately 85 participants will require approximately $25,000.00.   Any portion of the above provided will permit as many child experiencers this critical opportunity for their families to validate their children’s lives and provide long term beneficial influence on the spiritual life of society.


Nancy Kimball Baumgarten, MLA Landscape Architecture.  Parent of a highly gifted intuitive young adult; Student of Metaphysics for 35 years; sacred geometry for 10 years.  Creator of and Director of the Intuitive Camp.     Asheville, NC  828-689-9710

Dr. Tobin Hart, Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychology.  Parent of intuitive children. Professor and author of The Secret Spiritual Life of Children.  Presenter at national conferences. Carrollton, GA     770-836-8584

Mary Mance Hart, M.Ed. Education.  Parent of intuitive children.  Gifted education consultant, co-founder of ChildSpirit, a nonprofit organization, and organizer of national conferences on holistic education.  Carrollton, GA 770-836-8584

Linda Iribarren, Former Fortune 50 Business Consultant, lecturer and Author of What If You CAN Change the World?  Parent of an adult intuitive child. Master Intuitive who serves others as a catalyst for spiritual growth, applying compassion and vision to the process of assisted self discovery.

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