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With the tremendous increase of interest by the Media about the new generation of gifted psychic, intuitive, mystical kids like Llael, we have tried as much as possible to accommodate that natural curiosity in a holistic and loving manner.  After all, it was one of LLael’s spirit contacts who asked us to get the children together.  We are here on the web to say that,
“YES, these abilities are real and are the heritage of ALL humans, if nurtured and respected.”    We are developing programs to be used in schools and hold a summer enrichment program each year for educators and therapists as well as the families.


          Here is a representative list of media and presentations since about 1997.  We have been online for psychic famiilies several years before the book about “indigo children” came out in 1999, the same year as our first camp. We acknowledge that many people associate that “indigo” term with intuitive spiritual aspects of humanity, but wish to confirm that our programs are specifically designed for the psychic, intuitive, mystically-gifted individuals.  


March, 2012,     Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Spring Intensive, Black Mountain, NC        “Your Senses Awakened!  What’s your sensory awareness style? Fun lab classes with Sensory Games, a 3 day progressive course.

July, 2010,     Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp, Helen, GA        “Your Senses Awakened!  What’s your sensory awareness style? Fun lab classes with Sensory Games, a 4 day progressive course.

April 8 2009  Internet Radio Interview with David James’ Psychic Wisdom Radio Hour

April 1 2009   Internet Radio Interview with Kerrilynn Shellhorn Spiritual Parenting: Parenting Children of the New Earth Radio Hour, Canada

November 5 2008  Internet Radio Interview with David James’ Psychic Wisdom Radio Hour Interview

October 18 2008  Presentation to the Bracey Virginia Metaphysics Group, Sandra Martin, formerly of Wisdom TV, and Literary agent. 

August 17 2008  Mark Nelson Radio Interview

June 2 2008  Radio Show Interview  on FRONTIERS OF HEALTH,  WorldTalk Radio Studio B with Christine Page, M.D., a mystical physician and president of Holos University.

Oct 7-11, 2007      Presentation: 3nd International Children’s Spirituality Conference, Chattanooga, TN   “Living Aware in 360/13: Experiencing through our 55+ sense perceptions

March 24-26, 2006  Assoc. of Experiential Education (AEE) SouthEast Regional Conference Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville, NC
“Living Aware in 360/13: Experiencing through our 55+ sense perceptions.

July, 2005, ‘06, ‘08, ‘09    Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp, Barnardsville, NC, Asheville, NC, Helen GA        “Your Senses Awakened!  What’s your sensory awareness style? Fun lab classes with Sensory Games, a 4 day progressive course.

July 17, 2005   Kevin Smith Show Radio Interview

January 29, 2005   VIRATO LIVE! Radio Talk Show Broadcast
Nancy was interviewed and fielded questions from the listeners about psychic and indigo children. Finally there seems to be some honorable recognition that the new generation of kids are real.

Oct 7-11, 2004  2nd International Children’s Spirituality Conference, held jointly by ChildSpirit Institute and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), Pacific Grove, CA
“Empowering Profound Awareness: Taking the “E” out of ESP”

July, 2004 5th Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp, Black Mountain, NC

June 4-6, 2004  Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) & ChildSpirit Institute Teacher Training, Virginia Beach, Virginia
“Taking the ”E” out of ESP: Your 55 Senses”,

May 13-16, 2004  Indigo & Beyond Conference, HeartPath Community Foundation & Wild Rose Herbal College, Edmonton, Canada
Nancy and Llael present workshops on Multidimensionality; “Profound Awareness: Taking the” “E out of ESP”

May 11, 2004  James Van Praagh Chat Room Presentation: Psi Parent, Nancy,  with clairaudient daughter, Llael.
February 13, 2004  Hendersonville Meditation Group, Hendersonville, North Carolina
“The New Spirituality of Children”, Presentation about the New Children By nancy Baumgarten

August 3, 2003  Unity of Arden, Hendersonville, NC
Children Expanded Awareness PlayShop. Nancy & Llael created a presentation of the aware senses in a playful manner.

July, 2003 4th Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp, Black Mountain, NC

December 2002:   Spirit in the Smokies Article, by Nancy Baumgarten

October  4-6, 2002  1st Annual National Children’s Spirituality Conference, ChildSpirit Institute, Atlanta, GA      Nancy presented a lecture on First Aid for PSI FamiliesS.O.S. for Family Psi Emergencies”

July 9, 2002  Human Dimensions Institute Lecture Series,
Waynesville, NC
(formerly of New York)
     Llael and Nancy together shared their experiences and discoveries in living a life with awareness.

After careful consideration, Llael and I turned down several requests from TV Talk Shows in the early 2000’s; both the Leeza Gibbons Show well as the Montel Williams Show because we both felt at the time that the countries’ mood was not yet understanding of these gifts enough to not turn it all into a 3 ring circus.  (We felt confirmed in that knowing when others wrote us to let us know that the outcome of one of those shows using other children had given the impression that those children were freaks.)

August 2000   TV Interview: KOVR13 Short re-shown by ABC Affiliate in Asheville, NC
ell, now, unexpected but we had no rights. So hey, we’re  getting a thick skin now, who cares. …..then the local announcer with a few seconds on his hands decides to put his finger to his head in that circular screwy fashion….. making a mockery.  I tried to  convince L.E.M. that none of the kids her age watch the evening news. To their credit, if anyone saw it they didn’t treat her any differently at school.

June 2000  2nd Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp, Carrollton, GA Hosted By ChildSpirit Institute, Dr. Tobin Hart and Mary Mance Hart.

5/15/2000   TV Interview: KOVR13 (CBS)  Sacramento, CA
copy from their website archives:
to jumppoint to Society & culture to P for Psychic
As  part of their “sweeps week” they were creating a special presentation on alternative things, and the movie, The Sixth Sense was just out.  I reminded L.E.M. that Juangwa wanted her to gather the children together, and she would maybe have the opportunity to show that its normal, she’s normal etc. She agreed again, since it was not going to be shown in our area. Of course when it was all formatted etc the program included the requisite debunker, an antediluvian psychiatrist they found who thought our children were schizophrenic.

August 1999: The Asheville Citizen-Times
Then, because of the Common Boundary article, our local newspaper asked  for an interview. Here is where our lessons-learned really begin.  We were starting our first Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp and I was on a role to find children who would become L.E.M.’s peers, so she didn’t  feel so alone.  Hesitantly, L.E.M. agreed.  Though the result was okay perhaps from most peoples standards, just one little subtly demeaning phrase was enough to make a highly sensitive child, or any child, cringe. Here she was just a month or so away from going back to high school after 4 years home educating and she was mortified that she would be regarded as a freak. Mop-up time on my part!

August 1999: 1st Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp, Weaverville, NC

The July-August 1999: Common Boundary Magazine Article
  interviewed mom, Nancy for an article about L.E.M. and the growing network of kids, recognizing that this expanded awareness is growing in our population.

October 1997:  Spirit in the Smokies Article
My Mother’s Transition   by Nancy Baumgarten
Nancy shared her poignant metaphysical week with her mother just before her transition and the growth it offers young spiritual children as well.

April 1997:  Spirit in the Smokies Article
My Story: Story of a 12 year old with Extra Abilities    by L.E.M.
L.E.M. explained how she sees the world. Nancy also contributed an article from her own experiences in raising a highly aware young person.  Because it is a magazine for the consciousness community and designed as  personal accounts with no people-bashing in the name of ratings, LlaeI felt comfortable writing a story about herself as a 12 year old.