How I Perceive and Communicate With Dolphins:
by L.E.M.
To give some explanation of the experience: Once I have established a connection and a focus  of conversation determined, what I speak out loud as their message come to me through a patchwork of images, understandings of intent (of meaning).  I know where it’s going, in the  immediate future, but not the end product. This differs from speaking with Mother of All where I usually don’t (even) know where the next phrase is going.dolph2

Sometimes the dolphins use direct words. Sometimes they just laugh and I know what they  mean.  It like discerning the meaning through the tone and gestures of a good friend. Sentence structure is of no consequence and is probably completely formed by me – although some words  may be given precisely.  No, then again, their message is limited by my vocabulary.  Though I do remember Mother of All having used words I hadn’t known at the time.

What follows is a transcript of my communications with dolphins over the years.  These conversations are directed towards all of humanity, however my intent in sharing them on this website is not necessarily to share the content, but to give an example of one person’s experience.  If you have had similar experiences or connect in a different way, I would love to compare notes!

The conversations are entirely unedited so that the process is clear: including my own misunderstandings and learnings.

 DOLPHIN MESSAGES   Tuesday, May 13, 2003
received by L.E.M. 

We share this following planned session with the dolphins for our mutual discernment  and joy. In need of a little editing, but thought you would enjoy some ideas here…

A Network of dolphins around the world are presenting themselves as an option whenever  anyone wants to speak, they will talk up.

It is less of connecting with one being, than with dolphins connecting, not the overused  word, network, ? of a highly organized society, yet made up of ? independent ? at same time.  It’s not a closed society.  Open-ended communication between dolphins? As a  “guest”. Their lines (network) of communication.

The unspoken question:

Is there some way to talk about experience of communicating with dolphins that would  be helpful to others? 

So the dolphins as a whole are addressing me: “Greetings.” To describe my experience I see images and hear dolphin’s voices –  it helps me focus to keep my mind occupied.  It’s always a joyful experience.  They relax my heart and remind me not to over cogitate!

N: Thank you for sharing. L.E.M., please remind them that it is our intention to write a book  together with the highest integrity possible, to include validating interspecies communication.

Dolphins: “Mindsets are a tricky thing.  You can see so many different things. The  world is so much larger than any one mindset can ? see/show. The Thing is: they are ALL true!”  

“What is one life compared to all those who have lived in history? The answer is: A  LOT! Yes, YOUR consciousness ?carries a lot. 

“What mindset do you choose today?


“These are all ?  We invite you to imagine.

  • The world is a vacuum. We all exist to get sucked into it one day.
  • The Sun circles the earth and we live separated from any other influence: we are on our own.
  • My father is dead and I will never know his love again. (Love/beauty/affection)
  • Fire is caused by a release of energy in a chemical reaction: it does not burn me.
  • The halo of green light that filters through the forest can be eaten.

[Permission to edit for clarity: above heavily influenced by the translator L.E.M.’s, life experience …for instance]

  • My cat’s tongue scratches (upon seeing our cat)
  • My cat’s tongue soothes.
  • My cat’s tongue cleanses.

“In other words, the world is infinite as are the possible interpretations of it.

“So animals lack consciousness because one group of people (namely modern scientists) have no way of measuring it?

“Since you can’t experience what it is like to be me, do I not exist?

“Try letting go of preconceptions: don’t worry! You can always resume your usual mindset in five minutes.

“You will not be permanently damaged by allowing yourself to imagine.

“Have you ever tried to write and not gotten far – for fear that it wouldn’t be perfect?

“If you find this same fear when you go to communicate beyond the realm of ordinary  acceptance of common possibility, pretend you are a child, and dive into the middle of whatever you find. Surround yourself in it: speak out loud.

“What you find may be influenced by you. Perhaps by what you watched on TV last  night. It may be written in your own vocabulary.  This is fine.

“Nonetheless, you may be pleasantly surprised that what you find has eternal validity.

“Fear not what you have not done.  Open the lines of communication.  Why?

Why NOT!

“The joy and wisdom available throughout the world… is immense, and it is right at your doorstep.

“Now of course, while we say this, remember self-discipline, discernment and  reasoning. Yet you need the permission to not discover the secrets of the universe though in one sitting – if what you find is child’s play and purely your imagination, that’s all right.

“If what you find is a mixture of heavenly inspiration and your own mundane silliness, that’s all right.


The dolphins:  “It is really important to educate the children about environmental sanctity.

And don’t worry about interacting with Dolphins who are in captivity: most are quite  happy to offer themselves as ?inspiration? for the education of humans.  Not to be interpreted as a statement that it’s okay to be used as scientific experimentation.   Swims are okay; even Seaworld etc. Though they aren’t as happy there, they are okay with it.”

L.E.M.: The friends they have in the forests say their trees are their clothes; the forest is their  bedroom. This is communicated urgently by the dolphins because the forest animals feel urgent about it – that too many forests are being destroyed.


Sunday, February 3, 2001
A council of five dolphins chose to speak with us today:
On-ton-stra-me of the Gulf of Mexico;
Hiroshima from coast of Japan
Cavaliere from west coast of Canada
Naha, a river dolphin from South America
Lea from northeastern Baltic Sea
(They give us these names to call them by simply because we need something to  call them by.  They have no more significance than that)

The Dolphins say “Hello!”
They say:
Give me shelter
give me peace
give me something good to eat
Please! :o)

They that this was partly said in fun and play, and partly true. Everyone is saying that.

The council of dolphins told me that, “The caregivers want us to know that it will be all right. they want us to know that it is safe to love, and safe NOT to  worry. They wish us well.”
The Caregivers is the dolphins word for whatever we wish to call God, the divine Goddess, Allah, the Almighty, the Infinite etc.
This is because many cultures define their God as essentially being a caregiver.

The council says,

“Negativity abounds, the reason for this is that you, humans, try to hold on  to it as if it were needed.  Give that up! Negativity comes in many forms: in fear, in worry and hate, in displeasure, in rejection and denial.  Even dogmatic  values, when used in constipated conflict, create negativity.
“The world will not fall apart if you leave all of these feelings behind you.  These feelings are not needed, they do not create structure or reliability.  Replace these “safety blankets” with faith and trust and love and acceptance.
“You can love someone and disagree with someone at the same time. You can take action and change the world without conflicting with anyone.
“Try to use these principles daily. It WILL make a difference.

“And another point. Another form of negativity that abounds more than  you might like to think, and acts like something addictive, is depression. Not depression caused by chemical imbalance. That is different. From here on, we  refer to the more common depression: this is self-imposed!
“No one is making you feel depressed.  To use a good contemporary example, watch Life is Beautiful. It is easier than you think to simply be happy.   To be happy about life; about having a body; about the sunshine; about the rain; about true friends, whether they be physical or otherwise; about growth, and a  beating heart. There is ALWAYS something to be happy about. :o)
If all else fails, swim with dolphins! We abound with JOY.
Thank you for listening, we now go back to our joyful play.”

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