Program Presenters

Nancy K. Baumgarten, MLA
BioField SuperSenses Programs

As a mother of a multisensory young person she has been assisted by her 40 year studies of metaphysics in developing the intuitive capacities with discernment and balance.
Guided by her own spiritual experiences, she has found that in nurturing a multisensory child, it is possible to rediscover your own natural birthright. As a landscape architect she has come to re-acknowledge her own inner connection with the plant and planetary forces of nature.    Camp Co-founder, Profound Awareness Institute. Her first book, Profound Awareness, on parenting the intuitive child and a new model of the biofield senses is scheduled for release  FALL 2013.

ForrestGreen02Forrest Green, MA, Humanistic Clinical Psychology
SoulSource Guided Meditation & Energetic Healing

Board Member, Profound Awareness Institute.
Musician- mystical, keyboard artist. g
Forrest Green, a national consultant on children’s mental health and well-being, is founder of SOUL SOURCE, an avenue for co-creative energetics offering individual and couple’s sessions to enhance the personal and spiritual well being of children and adults.

Forrest’s energy work also extends to environmental energy clearing of homes, offices and land.  He is certified in Advanced Holistic Energy Healing, has a Masters Degree in Humanistic Clinical Psychology (personal growth/human potential) and is a master musician. Bringing over 27 years experience as a consultant/facilitator/counselor in a wide variety of settings, including whole child advocacy in education and mental health, he offers an abundance of knowledge, insight, creativity, enjoyment and love into his work. He is a presenter at the Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp in Asheville, NC for indigo and crystalline children, using the medium of movement, music and art and is an active member of the Child Spirit Institute. He is deeply connected to the joyful, expansive world of dolphins and draws upon this as a parallel in working with the children of today. Forrest may be contacted at, or (828) 252-1298
2005MikeTeetersMichael Teeters

Board Member, Profound Awareness Institute 
Audio Engineer, Musician, Photographer, Mountain Biker and a long time student-teacher of Qi-gong.
Qi-gong (Chi Kung) Animal Frolics:   We will awaken and ground our universal energy using sound, color and energetic movements. Connect deeply with our inner spirit and physical body.
Healing Qi-gong Teacher
LeeBarnesWebLee Barnes, Ph.D.
Applied Intuition: Dowsing 101

Environmental Horticulture.
Principal at Land Stewardship Consulting
Professional Water Well Dowser, author, and facilitator of Applied Intuition workshops.
Lee has been developing psychic intuition techniques since he was a teenager. He has extensive camping and backpacking experience where he has found deeper sensitivity and awareness of subtle Earth Energies in nature. Lee discovered the practical side of dowsing over 20 years ago and now uses his skill to locate water wells, detect subtle “uncomfortable energies,”™ and to enthuse others on how to “relax and allow” natural psychic abilities. Special interests: Permaculture; Bioregionalism;  Sustainable Agriculture; Heirloom and Medicinal Seed Saving; Water Well  Dowsing; Land Stewardship Consulting. Lee lives in Waynesville, NC and is active with the Appalachian Dowsers, WNCDowsers.orgCoreyRobertsNew2

Corey Roberts, MFA Theatre Pedagogy
pplied In

Corey Roberts has worked as an intuitive life coach, energy healer (Reiki,  Reiki with Angels, and Vortex Healing among other modalities), and  astrologer for over ten years.  In addition he has been involved  extensively in the performing arts as an actor, playwright, director,  ritual theatre facilitator, choreographer, and dancer.  He combines  these talents with passion and over 18 years of experience working with  children to facilitate creative programs that allow children of all ages to explore their innate artistic and intuitive potential.



Linda Iribarren, M.S. Metaphysics
Board Member ChildSpirit Institute
Camp Associate,
Spiritual Coach
         Linda Iribarren is a noted spiritual leader who has been publicly interacting with profoundly aware children and families since her Rainbow Stew workshop series debuted in the early 1980s at Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship retreats. Since then, she has been captivating audiences with her synthesis of intuition, spirituality and multidimensional perspectives.
A former Fortune 50 executive trainer, Linda is an accomplished speaker, workshop presenter and consultant whose experiential emphasis enhances the awareness of her clients. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of several nonprofit organizations including Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp and is on The Executive Board of ChildSpirit Institute.
Her book, What if You Can Change the World? from Radiant Star Publishing, is being used in Unity programs around the country.  Linda’s joyful and loving demeanor encourages self-awareness of the divine essence and innate healing abilities within us all.


JohnSpringerJohn S. Springer, BLA Landscape Architecture

Modern Day Circuit Rider, otherwise a landscape designer
2005 Camp Session: Enchanted Walkabout

A modern day circuit rider spreading joy and healing of the Holy Spirit  Spirit energy throughout Central Florida and the Southeast. A Spiritual Intuitive, John’s ministry is a kaleidoscope of person to person and group empowerment, heart to heart.  John is a Residential Landscape Designer,  (Purdue University, 1970).  His company is called Landscape Walkabout, painting the world with plants.  John is also a Reiki Master and is certified in Ra Key, Healing Touch, Angelic Ray Key, and many other healing disciplines.  He is the creator of the Faerie Realm Playshop and Enchanted Walkabout which have been performed throughout Florida and North Carolina in in the past few years.   Look for John’s top hat and flashing shoes and remember “When In Doubt, Blow Bubbles”!!!  Be In Joy!!!!

Nancy David and Martha KigerNancy David

Nancy David and Martha Kiger are certified facilitators of “Mandala:  Circles for Healing”.  They offer  mandala programs in NC and co-led a mandala program at Yogaville in 2008. Nancy  and Martha were trained by Dr. Judith Cornell and have served on the mandala  facilitator training team to mentor others.

Nancy David, MA, is an artist-educator, who teaches at a community art  school. She worked with young children to research and document their symbolic  development. An accomplished stained  glass artist, Nancy has translated mandala images into glass including a  commission for a retreat center.

Martha KigerMartha is a certified Tai Chi Easy Facilitator who joyfully blends Qi-gong  with the mandala process. She facilitates mandalas for adults and children in  churches, conscious movement groups, spiritual communities, and retreats. Martha has a BA in Fine Arts and professional  certifications in communication.



Mary Hart, M.S. Education

Executive Director, ChildSpirit Institute
Camp Associate   
Mary has been employed as a university administrator, director and therapist in community mental health, a private therapist and consultant. She has spent twenty years integrating psychotherapy, deep tissue bodywork, energetics, Reiki and intuitive knowing into a unique practice.  Mary currently teaches high school students to explore their own spirituality.

As the mother of two daughters, Mary says, “It is my daughters who have reawakened the experiences I had as a child. Over the past thirty years, I felt the significance of my childhood, but never talked about my “intuitive knowing, my seeing and divine guidance.” My children have been the catalyst for me to look deeper into others experiences and realize my purpose.
Tobin Hart, Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychology

ChildSpirit Institute
Founding Board Member, ChildSpirit Institute
Camp Associate

 Associate Professor of Transpersonal Psychology
at the State University of West Georgia.
Author of The Secret Spiritual Lives of Children




Gail Fritz

Board Member, Profound Awareness Institute
Parent Expert
2002 Session:  Multidimensional Sensory Integration:
Expanding Upon Sensory Integration Theory – a process for Multidimensional Sensory Awareness adapted by a highly intuitive family. Includes experiential sensory games.

Mother of a profoundly intuitive, multidimensional child who lives with  Sensory Integration Dysfunction.



Raphael Peter
Director of Asheville Playback Theatre
2004 Camp Session: Playback Theatre 

Storytelling and theatre celebrate the human experience by holding it up to the light.  In a Playback performance, the audience becomes actively engaged in the event.  They contribute moments from their lives and these moments are played back by actors, using word, movement, music and pieces of cloth.  the theatre becomes a community in which sharing feels safe, and people feel heard.
Raphael and his company of 12 members have been inspiring Asheville for over ten years at festivals, conferences, schools, and for special populations.  APT has been awarded 3 North Carolina Arts Council Grassroots Grants and other foundation grants.


Renee Swisko
Master Healer and Clairvoyant

2004 Camp Session: Raising the Vibration –  Healing Lab


Camp Co-founder &
Board Member Profound Awareness Institute, 

Now a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in Regional Planning, L.E.M. is involved in social justice activities and ever since she can remember she has had a natural moral conscience, a feeling of the sanctity of all life, and an innate communication with nonphysical consciousness’.  This sensitivity has expressed itself in many forms as a young child, including self-healing her fractured wrist quickly, joyfully dancing with animal spirits, and receiving spiritual guidance for the health and happiness of herself and the world.  She feels strongly that deep awareness such as this is innate to every human being.  Her dream is to one day open a learning center (school) open to all children that, among other things, honors profound awareness.


Jenna Melissas
Voice Instructor, teaches home-school classes

2002, 2004 Sessions: Music and Movement:
Mother of 3 aware home schooled young boys.



Ginger Rollins, 
Board Member, Profound Awareness Alliance
Parent Expert


Eurythmy and theatre teacher & director, writer and a mother,

2004 Session: Eurythmy   D.E. was born in Paris in 1955A citizen of the planet, she has lived and taught in France, Singapore, India, Korea, and is currently living in Egypt.  From her childhood in a Waldorf School, she studied Eurythmy in France for four years, and graduated as a Teacher from the Goetheanum in Dornach in 1986.
She has taught Eurythmy to children, to future Steiner School teachers (“Séminaire Pédagogique” in La Boissière near Paris); taught and lectured to such groups as medical doctors, actors and nonprofit organizations, and art-therapy to children with special needs.
A professional stage actor, and director,  she has also written various plays and novels and is very interested in Symbolism, Myths and Sacred Theatre.
A mother of a 15 year old son, she is extremely interested in education of children with special abilities, and by the relationships between spiritual traditions and modern scientific research.



  • DanielleCreeksongDanielle Creeksong,
  • Communicating with Devas and Elementals
    and dowsing the differences between them
    Of all the nature beings that choose to communicate with humans, Devas are the easiest to begin with, and pave the way for more rapid development of other intuitive skills.  Eager in their desire to communicate with humans, they  are quick to approach all who encourage them to come near.Unlike the Devas, the Elemental and Faerie Kingdom is composed of many individuals that are not trusting of humans  until they have proven themselves. In deep love with this planet and all her physical manifestations, of which  they are the guardians, they will become fiercely loyal to all who offer sincere friendship.  we will learn about them through story, channeling and dowsing. Several  styles of dowsing methods will also be demonstrated to assist you in distinguishing the differences between these  nature beings.

    Danielle Creeksong has been in private practice for over 20 years. Her private sessions, in office or by phone, are most likened by her clients to transpersonal psychology, inspiring intuitive abilities while promoting personal growth.   See more at