The following samples are quick take-out’s from my (L.E.M.) Psykids Spiritual Journal that we and Sanka thought would be a good way to share one families experiences so parents  can get an idea that their kids really know what they are talking about, and to be aware that the information from the younger ones comes in the most ordinary daily activities;aura

          For the kids:  a reminder in case you have forgotten, of the some of the types of experiences you may have had earlier, and to make your own journal.  Please see contact info at the bottom if you’d like us to add your journal.  Let us know about YOU, too!  :

        L.E.M.’s JOURNAL: 
I have no idea when I first knew I had a different skill than other people, but I think it was before I went to school.   I don’t think that  I’m that different from my friends.  Anybody can talk to and see spirits  if that’s what they really want to do.

I have many experiences involving spirits, animal spirits and physical animals, and a few that have really stuck with me – this following  one is a simultaneous reality experience:

I had just turned five; literally it was the evening of my birthday.  I do remember being on the floor in the kitchen, in my Mom’s  arms, just crying and yelling something like, “they’re drowning, they’re drowning,” over and over.  I was incredibly upset and feeling very helpless.
What I saw in my head was a lake in a field with evergreens way behind the lake in the direction I was facing. My mom asked me if there was  anything beside the lake I could get them out with, like a tree branch.
I don’t remember answering her at all. But I noticed a tree beside the lake and ran to it, climbed up it a little bit, bent it over and got them out. I then said something to the effect of: I got them out, or they’re safe …and I took a large sigh.
That night, I had an extremely high fever and the next few days, I spent sleeping at preschool until my godmother sent us a double refracted calcite that mom says was used on my third eye to rebalance my Self in the eternal moment of Now.


I don’t think my “abilities” have ever once been annoying or  have I wished I never had them.  Ever since I’ve been very very little, I have been thinking about ways to make this world work better; how to get enough  food to the children in Africa, or homes for everyone here in the US.



1/88 Age: 2 yrs. 10 mo.  L.E.M. woke me (Mom Nancy) up in the middle of the night to tell me, “Mommy,  two people with no feet are standing in the doorway (to our bedroom).” I told her to say hello and ask  them what they needed.
8/4/88 Age: 3 1/2.  While bouncing on the mini-trampoline,
“Before I was on this planet, I was very far away – and I died at  age 5. There were people everywhere all around me and         the woman told me to go to the back and sit down, but there                wasn’t much  room to sit down with the others.” [plane, ship?]

2/89 Age: 4 yrs. “You’re not my Mommy, I come from a planet that has two suns.”

 9/89 Age 4 1/2 yrs. “Oh, I saw a little elf in the front yard when  we had been playing hide-and-seek.”  He was throwing candy out across the front yard from the dogwood tree that the kids love to climb in.

2/22/90  L.E.M.’s fifth birthday (Saturday or Sunday?).  The neighborhood children had been playing mostly in our backyard for most of the day and had gone home  and L.E.M. and I had a shower early from all the messy fun of the day.  We sat in our nightgowns, tired and happy, on the step in the kitchen deciding what to make for supper.

Out of nowhere, L.E.M. puts her hands to her ears and screams for them to stop and says the  screams are so loud. I pull her on to my lap and very softly speak into her left ear, “You are all right, tell me what you see and how we can help.”  She never takes her hands away from  covering her ears for what seems like the next ½ an hour but which was probably shorter. L.E.M. relates to both my words to her and mostly to the view in front of her.  People are being  chased and beaten and thrown into a deep, dark pool of water.  They are screaming with fear and are drowning – men and women and children.  She tells me that she can’t help and is  crying in pain for them. I try to visualize the scene and say to her, “Do you see some trees at the side of the pool/pond?”

“Yes”, she says softly.

“Can you reach some of the branches and pull them down over the water for the people to hold on to?” She doesn’t respond for a long while.  I wait.

Finally she says, “yes.”

“Is that helping? Are the people okay now?” I said.

L.E.M. responds that yes, it helped and they were now going through the trees over to a building and were painting themselves with red paint to make themselves look like they had  been slashed all over and would look dead, for when the bad guys came back.  She is making knife slashing movements across her legs (with her eyes continued to be closed).

I get a feeling that I am watching a scene as if I were there too, more than she actually  relates. It seems to me that she is witnessing something similar to south American history in high mountain territory where the Spanish inquisition was in full force. She did say that the  skin of the people was a brown hue and dark hair.  She used the word Indian [I think, for any native person].  The attackers looked like they were white or were other pale-skinned  people in a ritual sacrifice setting.  I rather think they were white though and were bent upon vicious killing (no rituals were evident.)

There is more that I have now forgotten to have written down at the time. But in any case, L.E.M. finally took her hands away from her ears which signaled to me that the horrible  screams were over and she seemed limp and calm.  I asked her if she was all right now and she said yes, but she was tired. I suggested she go take a rest on the couch in the living room  while I made supper. When I called for her in fifteen minutes she was fast asleep.

Later after putting her to bed for the night (and a little light supper in between), I called Kathie Blount-Nuss whom I knew had had many out of the ordinary experiences in her  growing up.  She instantly recognized it as similar to many such that she had experienced as a child – alone however, because her parents were southern Baptists and thought she was of  the devil. L.E.M. had either been in a simultaneous existence experience (alternate reality) or was in a past life re-enactment. Kathie said that L.E.M. would get a high fever that would  reduce on its own and that she should not be made to do things at the day care and should be allowed to sleep; that I shouldn’t take her to the doctor’s who wouldn’t be able to find a  cause for the fever and would just mess up her system with antibiotics she doesn’t need.

Everything Kathie said came just as she said. I woke up that night with a ferociously hot  child rolled next to my skin.  The next day I just told the day care to please let her keep her cot out all day. They told me that for the next four days she never left her cot (and at night  she went to bed early etc.)

Two days later I got a hold of Linda Iribarren, her godmother, who felt intuitively that it had been a simultaneous reality experience and she sent by overnight mail, a piece of double-refracted calcite to place on L.E.M.’s forehead (third eye) “to reintegrate the  fragmented aspects of self in the eternal moment of Now,” as described in a book by Katrina Raphael.  Linda further read from Ms. Raphael’s book that “the lessons  of simultaneous existence in parallel realities can be applied that may not have been possible in other times.”  It must have worked because the next day L.E.M. played as usual at her school.
2/92  Age: 7 yrs. old.   In another planet where I used to live, the  food was called ATUS. When we cut it to eat it, another would grow up in its place. When we squeezed the leaves on the trees we get the water. We  had three moons.   Our enemy broke the eating process so that the ATUS didn’t regrow. When it was all gone, our enemy made a fire. It broke a hole in our planet. My Mom did not survive.
My Dad fell into a different planet than I did (because of the hole, some people survived).

 5/92 At the Hilton at a Star Trek convention, looked over to the  distant trees where there was a boy sitting in a tree (in spirit form) who had on a yellow top, short sleeves, no buttons and blue pants, no zipper (elastic).   He had brown hair and white skin and was about 6 years old and short of stature. He said to L.E.M., “You’re lucky.”

3/93 Age: 8 yrs.  Dancing and singing to Wings to My Heart’,   “L.E.M. what are you reaching for?” She says, “He’s here to dance with us,” and wiggles out of my arms, and tells me to dance in a circle with them  ( group of Indians).

4/93 With a fever L.E.M. comes running in, saying little devils are after her, & after reminding her to declare her intent (NO, you may not be  here) so they went away, she said, “but I can’t get back in [my body]; every time I try to get close, I pop back up [to the
ceiling].” I pat her back and ask her, “Do  you see your silver cord
from your body to you?”  “Yes, but it’s blue and it’s dirty.”  “Well then, let’s  clean it up.” “How do I do that?”  “Just visualize it and breathe it into becoming a clear beautiful blue.”

9/93 Age: 8 ½ yrs.  At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New  York, “Mom, every time I go through that (medieval) archway I feel like an adult scientist and I am wearing long robes.”
2/94 Age: 9 yrs.  L.E.M.:  I hair line-fractured my right wrist.  We  went out and got a brace on my wrist. My mom asked us to both do some thought healing  The way I visualized it was wonderfully colored energy  streaming down my arm to my wrist and then going out my finger tips, each time a different pattern. Such as: dots, short lines, tubes, long lines, and other  shapes too. I repeated that each night.  It was fully healed in 10 days, we asked a good friend (an R.P.N.) how long it usually takes. She said for a  hair-lined fractured wrist it usually takes 6 weeks!   That was when I really learned the power of thought.

12/94  L.E.M.: In a new song that I hadn’t heard before which was called “Perhaps Love”, all the little angels that loved each other paired up and  twirled down the sides of Eric Bergland’s harp together. They were surprisingly small.  They were the smallest I had ever seen  – about 2-1/2 to 3 inches tall

6/13/95 Visiting my Dad in Paris.    At the Notre Dame, I felt like I knew what every place in it was for, like where the crazy people were put and where the crazy people relatives went to pray for them.  I knew where the children’s rooms were. Notre DameThe children would grow up there, and once they were 13 they could decide if they wanted to stay  with this religion (a way of doing something) and
Cathedral, or go to a different Cathedral.
The altar box has a very special substance in  it.  I felt at home. Every piece of information came at the same time, so I was being very quiet to piece everything out.
3/23/96 – asked Sanka for clarification  of                                   timeframe re: Notre Dame:
L.E.M.:  She said she couldn’t tell us – that I would know why  in about 10 years or so. We figured out that some of the information is about the future use of the building – so we confirmed that with Sanka and she let  me know a lot more details.  We finally figured out that what I was seeing at the Notre Dame was actually a different building that had been on this same  site before Jesus was born.  The Notre Dame was at one time, very secretive of the outer world because they had such a good system going for a  community. If the outer world got to know, something would happen, which it did.  There was a scribe that took a tablet out from the pre-Notre Dame  building and somehow or another someone got a hold of that and a side of the building did get destroyed. All the people got killed except the one scribe who was out of the building.

The substance in the altar box is practically invisible to
people who cannot see spirits but it is a physical substance. It is like a  mummifying substance so that when they wrote the manuscript, people today could still be able to read it, otherwise it would have disintegrated. (Not the same as the Egyptians process).
But everybody back then in the pre-Notre Dame era could see spirits. If you stick your hand in the box you feel this substance around your  hand.  Also if you take the manuscript, carved in stone, there is a place in the current physical Notre Dame Cathedral where this manuscript will fit in  it- perfect fit. And once that goes in there, it make the whole Notre Dame beam up — it’s an energy source.
If we could open the box today, and put the stone tablet in the right spot, we could power the whole world today.  And right in front of you  once you put it in, it projects all the Enlightened Beings, like Buddha and Jesus who have ever been on this planet. BUT, the altar box can not be  opened, it has slowly sealed itself shut entirely. It will only be opened by an Enlightened Being who returns after the earth changes, who will hand the tablet to a regular person to put in place.
The scribe long ago had to be sure that generations after him would keep the inner box with the tablet safe until a building was built over  this spot (he knew from being psychic) and on the tablet are words to find the right spot in the building that a descendant had to sneak into the construction of the Notre Dame…)
7/8/97 My grandmother transitions out. Nancy: 5 hours after  Mom (L.E.M.’s grandmother) transitioned out, while I was mundanely packing the car, Mom was seen by L.E.M. in the beautiful blue sky of  the midmorning  sun, surrounded by so much bright light that she could hardly see her face, and then L.E.M. saw Yanttay’s Higher Self come up next to her.  “Dearie said,  thanks for reading the Tibetan Bardo to me, I needed to know that.”  Later in the month, L.E.M. also sees Mom who visited our house several times with Joy in her heart.
3/23/98 Celentien visits at breakfast.  I was reading Golden  Dolphin Society Newsletter , section  “Time to get Started” and I was wondering at the same time, if my talking to dolphins and spirits was made  up or if I was really hearing correctly. I saw a tall figure beside me all of a sudden, and then felt my head just slowly starting to rise up from the paper, I  couldn’t stop it until it  was straight up and he/she was then in front of me, about 7′ tall.
Celentien told me his/her name (no gender) and said, ” this is how you should sit when you are communicating; and be sure to breathe a lot and deeply.” Celentien also said that it is easier to communicate when you can see the entity.  I so easily spoke with Celentien that I should just trust my feelings when they’re talking about something more serious because it’s just the same.
I saw all these animals appear in the air up around him. They  would like to speak (crowding for position as they did in our doorway a few years ago.)
Celentien will be my guide in having a clear channel and will help with that if I choose.
I had the feeling/thought that its very important that the information that I receive get distributed, because there are not so many of us who are old enough to get this information out.
And Celentien has already met Eryn (a 4 year old with abilities like myself whose mother just found our web site). Celentien makes sure that Eryn is protected and that all that she receives is clear also and that it is very urgent that Eryn and I get together.
Then my head started going up even further until I was looking out the high clerestory windows and I saw Celentien flying through the  branches up into the sky – with a whole lot more flexibility than a human body.
Sanka added that what I had just interpreted as trees in this  physical, had actually been trees in a sort of astral plane that I was seeing through to.  She also adds that Celentien is very skilled in moving things within this world and that it was she/he who pushed Eryn safely back up the stairwell when she was a baby.
April 1998 Polycontrast Interface Photography(PIP):
We did get to work with B.K.Wee and his wonderful wife, Valerie, who are physiotherapists in Singapore. They have incorporated the  research work of Harry Oldfield of England into their practice which is a software driven program that allows the human aura to be seen on the computer from video camera input.
We found out that of the many psychics who have been used to calibrate the software all seem to have their own “color palette” , but the  patterns of what they see on any given person will be the same as others and the PIP.
April 1998    Sacred Sites
In Thailand, we went to several Buddhist Temples and shrines that were fascinating.
However, all 5 of us, including L.E.M.’s friend David who is 9, felt the most wonderfully reverent energy at the site of the ancient royal palace in  their previous capital City of Ayutthaya.
ChediSmall    AT the entrance there were three tower-shaped shrines to three of their kings of the past. David saw green around the center Chedi and L.E.M. was able to tell us all  that the energy spiraled upwards on the green central one and spiraled down into the ground on the blue left most one and circled around the right pink one.
I (Nancy) have been studying Sacred Geometry for two years quite regularly and have been interested for years in the work of Dr. Phil  Callahan who has researched the paramagnetic qualities of stone such as was used to build the round towers of Ireland and the pyramids.  These Chedi would seem to be of the same structure of  energy.

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