Conference Schedule

Each year we custom tailor our camp-conference sessions for the participants involved.  If your family has any specific needs or interests, please contact us now. With each passing year, we have been developing a new paradigm curriculum for the Intuitive Human.

Our Intuitive Arts program is a learner-centered experience in which we each take part as both teacher and learner. We learn from each other, from 5 year olds, from 85 year olds. We become our own inner teachers and soul growth creators. We each get valuable feedback from our intuitive family.

Included is programming for the 20-something’s and Up who want to come together to develop an international intuitive community base, and who appreciate the multi-age format and sharing.

Typical Daily Schedule:

Below is our basic schedule outline from our 2010 Camp-in-the-City schedule. Watch for our 2013 program program an schedule coming soon.

7:30-8:15   AM      QiGong (optional)
8:00-8:45   AM      Breakfast
 8:45-9:00   AM      Announcements & Transition
9:00-10:15 AM      Experiential Classes or Field Trip
10:15-11:30 PM     Experiential Classes or Field Trip
11:30-12:00 PM     Breakout Groups, or Transition from Field Trips

Noon-1:00   PM     Lunch

1:00-2:15   PM     Experiential Classes, multiple presenters
2:15-3:30   PM     Experiential Classes,
3:30-5:00   PM     Swimming, Volleyball, Frisbee, nap, free time

4:30-5:30   PM     (opt: networking dialogue, educators/parents)

5:30-6:30   PM     Dinner

6:30-9:30   PM     Evening Programs:
Music; Dance; Talent/Art Show; Movie; Games
Possible Ghost Tour
9:30          PM    Help straighten up & organize our banquet room;
find your shoes; save your artwork etc.
10:00         PM    Lights Out for young ones; evening socialization;                                JOURNAL

Take a Look at the program page for the
types of classes offered each year.