Metaphysical Mentoring and
Intuitive Awareness Consultations

Families of the new children often ask us for
referrals for professional consultants and mentors
for their subtle sensory-experiencing kids. 

Oftentimes families say that their children feel different or feel alone in their experiences or that there are no resources in their local areas.  Others don’t know what terms to use to refer to themselves or their kids’ other than “psychic” which unfortunately has a negative connotation for some people.

Many of you have some metaphysical background, but are not sure how to determine whether your own children are in need of outside help or not.

It is PAI’s mission to educate, train and network the best possible fit for you and your children to help birth a new level of insight, compassion and healing of planet earth.

Intuition development and learning to interpret metaphysical and mystic experiences can be found by joining PAI and forming a local Aware Children’s Circles, and contacting our small but growing list of mentors below.

Mary Hart
Tobin Hart
ChildSpirit Institute
Carrollton, GA


Cheryl Dressler
75 Westminster Ave.
Arlington, MA 02474


Janet Sussman
Time Portal Publications, Inc.
7233 Connan Lane
Charlotte, NC 28226

Nancy Baumgarten
Profound Awareness Institute
07 Wild Iris Lane
Hendersonville, NC 28739 (Asheville area)

Forrest Green
Soul Source: Transformational Healing Energetics
Asheville, NC

Mike Teeters
Healing Arts and QiGong
Asheville, NC





Rachel Chevalier
P O Box 268
Stowe, VT 05672


Linda Iribarren
Carlton, WA

Kristof Lagos
Director Departament
Programe si consiliere copii supradotati
Membru Asociat
International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence
Tel: 0756.355.047
Here is also a short list of keywords to google along with your town’s name to find local experts in your own area:

metaphysical mentors, transpersonal psychologists, psychotherapists, spiritual therapists, intuitive parenting consultant, intuition mentor, psychic mentors, spiritual life coach, energy healers, intuition development classes, psychic development classes, dowsing group, integrative medicine, and existential intelligence or spiritual intelligence educators.

We believe families will find it very rewarding to join a class in qi gong or other spiritually-based martial art.  Also don’t forget to check out any local chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths or naturopaths in your area. They may be able to connect you with others of like mind and experiences.