Nancy: this was originally channeled by my daughter at age 14  in 1999, 2 years before the tragedy of 9-11.  The poem was  delivered in response to my asking her to consult with her guides as to whether we should accept the invitation by the Montel Williams Show to be on interviewed on the TV Show regarding her considerable psychic-spiritual gifts ; whether that would be of highest and best service for others.   You will see what they considered more important.


On My Communication With Mother Of All (by L.E.M.):

As I experience it, Mother of All is a collective consciousness of many beings (the Divine Feminine, or Yin consciousness perhaps?).  She is very good at communicating precisely (though I’m sure this is limited by me).

For most spirits I don’t hear sentences; I receive a wordless thought or thought-impulses and then put it into words. By contrast, from Mother of All I hear her direct sentences.  She is very articulate and uses words in a way that I wouldn’t have thought to do (nonetheless, what I receive is, I’m sure, inescapably modified by the context of my person and life experience.  Perhaps this would be different if I were a “trance channel”, but that is not something I am drawn to try).  She doesn’t like being  paraphrased, as in the past when she and other entities have been channeled, their words have gotten modified and misinterpreted far too often.

This is a poem I received from her several years ago.  This particular piece has a very strong component of Mother Earth and the many Beings of the Earth. To describe a bit the experience, the atmosphere in the room changes.  I speak slowly and steadily, often not knowing where the words I speak are going until a paragraph has finished.  To speak in this manner requires the an open, accepting atmosphere, both on my part and from others around me (if anyone).  I must very consciously shift my focus in the beginning, but once I feel her presence strongly and clearly, the most important thing is to release any expectations or else I will interfere.  I can always tell when something has been distorted due to my conscious mind.  In this case I stop, go back a couple phrases and begin again.

I cannot say I know the benefit of this poem, it is no great work of art, nor does it necessarily say anything new.  But it certainly was a profound experience for me at the time, and was validating of my experience as there was no question in my mind as to it’s source.  I hope that someone may be inspired by my honest sharing to become aware of their own expanded sensory abilities.


by ALL (Earth Consciousness)

As received by L.E.M. ,
Sunday, October 3, 1999

The squirrels say, “help us heal the planet”
the dolphins say “hello”;
the dolphins squeal in protest
at the many two-fer shows.


The leaves withdraw their gifts
for they can not bear the pain;
the sky dims it’s lights
when all has gone insane.


What will happen to us all 
when we do not love the Earth;
snow will come and rains will fall
but they will not be taken.


If the Earth is not loved
what will there be to show;
come hither way and hither wight,
the Show will be forgotten.


Down in town the Earth boils up
but the dearth will not be shaken;
Where hitherto will the might go
if not to the display of others.

The crocodile leaps in rage,
as the water stings his skin;
May the light be shown upon him clear,
that he may share his duties.


From where thou shalt not steer
if thou be broken two;
Thou shall not feel the pain
of lonely bear’s despairs.


If thou can not open thyself to thy indestructible pain,
share thy fears and pains and hopes
and dreams and joys and loves
give thy to thee neighbor and all shall be forgiven.


If the tear and wear upon thyself, the Earth
despairs your only hope
forgive thyself, forgive thy neighbor
and all shall be forgiven.


In the air the bird flies free
in the tree the  termite roams;
On the Earth the raccoon strives
and all is loved by them.


Man has frozen thy self in War
over land, over pain, over possessions, over things;
thy give thyself away, thy pain thee self
Thy change the fate of the common man and the
blue bird as well

If thy freeze the doors of War
in the time of yesterday;
thy will find thee self forgiven
and given back today.


Thy will find thee self a-free 
as the termite roams
and the birds fly free.


Care be given to the earth 
and traveled upon as lightly
care be given to thyself
and thy neighbor slightly.


EXPRESS yourself to thy neighbors
express yourself to thy self;
express yourself to the dolphins and the whales
and the tigers a-free.


Be open to the sky and the ground
live your life, naught by the time
but by thy Chi.


Give only what is yours to give
be only who thy can;
free thyself of others straits
and give thyself, Be proud.

Change the crowd by timeliness 
and Ye will be not sad;
but change the crimes by loveliness
and ALL will be not sad.


Ye forgot to yesteryear,
the crimes that have been past,
but ye can live to the morrow
and be but solely clad.


Give your truths a boost of might
and give your faith a care;
once more spoken, “Love thy enemies”
and be on the ware.


Truth be spoken ,  All is Eternal,
and all is more than mared;
love thy mother and thy father
and give your pair a care.


Give your thirst away
and be fulfilled in darkness*
then all will turn to lightness
in your air.


Sunday, October 3, 1999
Asheville, NC
* See Mother of All’s definition of LIGHT(dark)


Copyright  1996-2015 L.E.M. 

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