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Welcome to the original Psychic Kids Psykids
Community for self-transformation

 Taught by expert grounded intuitives for “kids” all ages to interpret and build out your super sensory intuitive faculties, mystic spiritual intelligences, “the big questions”  existential intelligences, and the  SCIENCE of the biofield senses & Cosmic Powers.  Yes, that includes all those labels: indigo, gifted, star children etc, but lets not separate out, okay? We are all Human; we all have the capacity to grow.  Since 1997. 


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My Subtle SuperSenses

Hands-on, FUN learning Games, EMPOWER Your PSI-Sensory Perceptions:  the Science;  “May the Force Be with You”   from the Jedi knights in Star wars.   AWARENESS QUESTIONNAIRES



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Community News

Welcome, friends!  I am Nancy, Co-founder and Director of Profound Awareness, a mother and now grandmother committed to educational needs of creative, psychic, intuitive, gifted people for the brilliant 21st century. Let’s share. 


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My SoulMind Powers

SoulMind Powers: the Science; The New Children and Awakening Adults spiritual experiences; angel messages, interspecies communing, Mother Earth, Philosophy and Ethics for the 21st Century.



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Meta-Education: Self Transformation

Let’s talk: Yes, the metaphysics for spiritual transformation for yourself and for (grand)parenting an intuitive child who sees what you don’t see, hears what you’ve forgotten how to hear; recover what you knew you knew in the past.  TRUST YOURSELF.



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Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts
Events & Programs

Experiential Education for the creative, intrapersonal, spiritual & existential “intelligences” multi-ages. Homeschool Series; Young Adult, Family, and Adult intuitive metaphysical Consulting.  PHOTO GALLERY


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Resources for the  PSI Human

Creating a new paradigm for the Creative Intuitive Arts and Spiritual intelligences curriculum for self-learners, teachers and home educators: Books, Video’s, Programs, MetaMentors  & more…


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[home_marketing_testimonials title=”From Our Profound Awareness Community”]


[testimonial client=”Profound Awareness  Visitor A”]Thank you for your site and work.   I am the mother of two very intuitive children who are amazing healers.  I appreciate your insights and understanding.  Blessings, Kristen, U.S.


[testimonial client=”PsyKids Yahoo Egroup Participant A”] Hahaha you are too sweet Nancy! Love you so much 🙂   You are such an inspiration to me and many others! Thank you for all your work and love 🙂 I love you so much!!!! One day we will meet 🙂  You are a guardian guide and angel to us all thank you for your love and blessings!  Nick, Australia


[testimonial client=”Profound Awareness Visitor B”]I just wanted to express gratitude for what your organization is doing:) You Are Beautiful, with Love…   Sincerely, Andrea R., mother of Ethan J. R. my living angel. [/testimonial]



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