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New Teachers Metaphysical Wisdom Group

I’m so excited about the new Skype video conferencing group we’ve started with 5 educators from around the country. WOW.  One middle school principal from California really kept at me to get her connected with others who are likewise interested in noting that the children are SO different from only a few years ago.  They are looking for more ways to connect with and to empower the newest generations of young people.  SO, here we are with many ideas just excited to see how we can create a functional working plan for offering  beginning programs that yes, meet the character education values – BUT go beyond. It is not sufficient to have compliant, even kind citizens if we want ot change the world for the better.


SO, what is missing from our education systems? It seems to many of us that there has to be  way to incorporate wisdom-making processes into the class rooms. Wisdom is built up from knowledge. knowledge by itself is lame factoids, and deportment and kindness can be trained even in dogs. So what is it that’s missing? how can we encourage not just thinking about things – but a deep and abiding passion to truly go past the assumptions to experience and think about things and to create new solutions from OUTSIDE of our assumed sense of what is real? i.e.  thinking outside the proverbial box?   1998MeditativeLlael
For many of us this might not even be much of a stretch by comparison to others who have not yet experienced the more subtle aspects of reality. To see into other “frequencies” of existence. Are ghosts real? To hear what most don’t listen for.  Are angels real? How about to smell what is not apparent? Yet it’s there nonetheless.  These are expanded awareness capabilities that can be brought into conscious awareness.
What one person is capable of,  another of the same species (human in this case) must be capable of learning. HOW FREEING!


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