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Call for Volunteers: People who feel different because…

My friend, PMH ATWATER, The primo Children’s Near-Death Experiences researcher, who regularly presents at IANDS conferences, and has written 15 books on the subject, is currently involved in a new study:  the NDE and NDE-like experiencers of children between womb and the age of five.  She’s put out a Call for Volunteers:  NDE Research Tiny Ones

Looking for people who feel very different or odd because of pre-birth memory, birth trauma, being a preemie, or while a baby, toddler, up to the age of five.

 P.M. H. Atwater, L.H.D. seeks to refocus on tiny ones, to double-check the work she has already done. She tells me, “Our tiniest near-death experiencers are different. My earlier work in this area is contained in the book The New Children and Near-Death Experiences. ”    The New Children & NEar-Death Experiences PMH

If any of you or your friends might fit in this announcement, please do download her Call for Volunteers Info. She says, “the paper is not a quiz nor is anything numbered.  It is designed to help people go back and remember, connect, expand, and describe.  There is no limit on pages.  People can submit their story in the manner they feel best – just as long as they cover what I asked for in the paper.  Drawings would be great, if they would do one. 


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