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2009BubblesOur Membership organization and Directory provides a way for families & individuals to meet locally & virtually in a very SAFE supportive environment,
and to join this international collaboration of families, educators and other professionals to bring about a worldwide recognition of the

innate BIOFIELD Senses and MINDFIELD Powers,
for the advancement of world health, harmony and spiritual evolution.
i.e. organizational support for your right brain, creative & integral intelligences! >:)

Playshop2003awebPlease excuse our updating; we will have our memberhips section finally rebuilt very soon. Send a note to us at Profound Awareness Institute:

  1. Develop local community connections for friendship, fun and learning;
  2. Network integral education resources, share intuitive experiences;                    FREE Newsletter;  
  3.      Share your knowledge, and/or to mentor/teach/act as therapist. 
  4. Help support an international effort to acknowledge the full extent of human personality * (see U.N. definition of the Human rights of

     2010ForrestPlayingVolunteer Contacts from each State, Region or Country are needed to help facilitate local community connections.         

After joining, Please E-mail Nancy to let me know your interest in being a State/Province or Country Contact.  2004Teachers2004TeensPlayback






Also, the membership software program may still have glitches; please be patient, let me know. AND if anyone would like to be a software program volunteer –       I’D LOVE it! … as in I’d really, really love it. Smiles.

FREE membership for all Alumni of Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp 1999 to present.