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Metaphysical Philosophy Work:   The Power of "NO": personal power and child's connectivity to the Divine is WITHIN Self (Teach: "NO, you may not be in my space" to the scary things, etc See Book)  

Implications:   external authority diminishes.  

Further notes:  Growing up knowing that something exists makes the original experience more normal, less fear.  Be sure to include preschool readers that mention the nature of the human spirit, gentle ghost stories etc. (not monsters).

BODYMIND Work For:    fear reactions, including insomnia, possible hallucinations:                                                                                               For all of the following consider the energy medicine modalities: acupressure, flower essences, chakra balancing, foot reflexology, plus nutrition, especially the minerals; training in the martial arts, family altar, meditation, yoga for children.


Metaphysical Philosophy Work:   For young empathic children use Option 1. Draw Human Energy Field (aura) in close to body to disengage from others energy fields . Breathe out and release!   Remove child from situation.         Option 2. if child already retreats from others, possible need to do opposite - stretch OUT the energy field to declare more personal space.       Demonstrate with dowsing (using L-rods) as a visual training cue.

Further Notes:  Distress is often evident at malls where too many people's emotions confound; and/or also heavy fluorescent lighting burdens a young system. Avoidance is often the best course for immature and highly sensitive ethero-neurological systems. 

Implications to Consider:  Highly alert,competent children may be distressed from parents over-control. This is a bigger issue than at first appears…if parents can recognize the symptoms within self…. Are you run by fear yourself - points for their unreasonable fears - "But my child will be stolen etc".

BODYMIND Work For:    confusion, whining, stomach ache, aggression: especial care re: nutrition, no msg, no aspartame, low sugar, plenty of vitamin B's and magnesium.  So, for parents: release of their own fears, adult worries like finances etc. 


Metaphysical Philosophy Work :   young intuitive knowers & sentients (intuition & clairsentience combined)   sense ambient information fields especially in places with "history".  Young sentients may not know the reason for their sensations of cold, tingles, other out-of-norm body responses, nor intuit the reason for their uneasiness.  Guide them through gentle awareness-raising questions.  Acknowledge, then teach release (breath out, etc).

Further Notes:   Some kids may have already learned inappropriate coping skills such as jitteriness, wimpering, or erratic running.  Here we are not trying to eliminate the first response to the environment - that is the awareness potential - but rather to balance the reactions.

BODYMIND Work For:    sensory awareness training, dowsing is a lifelong skill using the sense of place.

4. How to recognize and respond to PRECOGNITIVE KNOWING Experiences?

Metaphysical Philosophy Work:  Emergency tools icncude  discussion of potential futures vs. actual realities.  Journal for the child. Child needs to know that intentional action is required for any visions to come "true".  So dreams not followed with action - even mental action (focused visualization or prayer), will not cause physical results…  Very important to release guilt or responsibility for perceived potential event.  Example: young precog dreamer who thinks he caused his grandpas' death).

Further Notes:  Child often presents with uncharacteristic quietness, or moves into depression.  If raised from an early age knowing about potential vs. the current reality, the precognitive experiences may never fall into the emergency category.

BODYMIND Work For:    releasing worry, guilt and depression:  this is tricky: how do we teach in one instance the power of our intentions, yet DO NOT let a young mind think that their thoughts caused harm to another..?

5. HEARING THINGS: How do I Help my child when I don't hear what they hear? OR, how to tell if my child needs mental health help versus spiritual education for the gifted?

Metaphysical Philosophy Work:   Clairaudient perception requires  recognizing & discerning skills.  Help young audients in analytical thinking skills to interpret their experiences.  Teach Psi VOCABULARY that encourages Discernment; Music training assists in distinguishing vibrational frequencies.

Further Notes: This Sensory perception type is not usually an emergency if not overwrought with fear from scary visuals as well.   Ask yourself: Does my child seem to be in touch with everyday reality most of  the time?  Is he or she able to pay attention in school?  Introspection is a valuable mental/spiritual skill; but watch for possible depression tendencies and be sure to include nutritional support.

BODYMIND Work For:    developing discernment, clarity of mind:

6. How to tell the difference between GHOSTS vs. SPIRITS?

how a parent can discern whether it’s a ghost, spirit, astral traveler or merely a place-based "emotional imprint".

Metaphysical Philosophy Work:  *  Ghosts may not talk, but may look confused or angry, do repetitive things or look awful/accident. If you can, tell them to "Go to the Light" +/or tell the child to LEAVE the  vibrational frequency by you breathing with them into another heart rate of calmness.   * For Spirit/OBE'ers or other conscious human, angelic or other travelers on the spirit planes:  Teach child to use earthside manners;  expect them not to be afraid, but to learn to be caring, helpful young people.  An emo-imprint usually is not scary, just confusing to see a blur in the air, etc.

Further Notes:  Some children are actually not afraid of ghosts but have a strong desire to "help" especialy if it is a child ghost. This is a personal call: help your child find out as much as possible about the ghost child situation, and/OR teach your child to let it all go and learn to look past the details and work with the ghost child to feel secure in going to the light - saying such things as, 'Your mom or dad will be there' etc.

BODYMIND Work For:    developing compassion & calmness of character:

7. What to do for my DAYDREAMER, perhaps FAERIE SEER child?

Metaphysical Philosophy Work:  This behavior/ sensory skill is not an immediate psi emergency per se, but a quality of life thing.  While it is totally appropriate for young daydreamers to be sensing the multiverse as often as they want; once they attain school age, they need to be able to be "present" on cue at certain times. Training the skill of being present can take many forms,and balance is the keyword. Balance between the here and now and the world of imagination.  Meditation and martial arts teach different forms of being present for the young visionary.

Further Notes & Implications:   Highly creative thinkers and inventors build upon this skill set, so be sure not to discourage the dreamer, or denigrate the "bookworm", or tease the faerie seer, but help guide them into balance.  Protect their right to their own reality; a derogatory word can deflect a sensitive child for years.


Metaphysical Philosophy Work:   There is a possible "emergency of omission", only IF a parent fails to recognize and honor the young mystic's need for quiet and for personal timespace at the moment, i.e. learning not to demand instant "at attention" to parents wishes, instead of offering the natural rights of a young person to their own process.

Honoring the knowing through Journaling; otherwise the inner knowing often gets forgotten.   Deep Respect for the inner states of even the youngest child; knowing that the limited vocabulary of youth doesn't imply less profound spiritual/thinking powers. Later, offer to guide the child in making changes in the world according to their interest & response to the "event".

Also possible that a reincarnation experience is unfolding and sometimes a child might be experiencing the emotions of an adult.  High sensitivity to the subtle changes in a child is  required.


Metaphysical Philosophy Work:      The inconsolable child imager/dreamer may not even be "awake", or aware of their parent.  (Stuck in astral frequencies/energy body)

FIRST: parent takes 3 deep breaths and calms own energy field. This is as important as the airlines telling us to put our oxygen masks on first.  Emergency grounding - literally, only IF you can touch the child: bare feet, back or hands on ground or tree. Hold them if possible, as parent BREATHES with utter Calmness;  Parent practices visualization, allow yourself to know, Visualize drawing your child back to the now.

Further Notes:  imaging, visualization class to learn to "see what the child sees…


BODYMIND Work For:    Soul integration,

10. Getting back from OUT-of-BODY Experiences?

Metaphysical Philosophy Work:   In dealing with spontaneous or uncontrolled events, Teach your child to Look for Silver Cord between their bio-body & their subtle energetic body. Follow it "home".  Explain it's the invisible equivalent of a babies umbilical cord to their mommy, or a string to a high flying balloon, that it CAN NOT be broken while you are alive. It may not be silver! So, trust what they tell you.

FURTHER NOTES:  If a kid is alone, never fear, like a kitten getting stuck in a tree, they will eventually figure out how to get down by themselves.  Smiles, but if you are with them and notice that there is a tad bit of confusion or unusual quiet or something, you can remind them about their silver cord to look for it and follow it "home".

BODYMIND Work For:    shock, grounding:

11. What's with these MOMENTARY LAPSES or CONFUSION?

Metaphysical Philosophy Work:      LISTEN/FEEL inwardly to the FREQUENCY or VIBRATION of feeling tone…who/what is there?  Discern what the child has just been doing - did she/he 'go out' while watching TV/thinking hard/reading? Do their eyes go vacant?

This may or may not be a psi experience, but can also reflect nutritional deficiences, so do check their food choices and consider a complete trace minerals supplement, etc.


12. HOW TO help the child integrate the MULTI-DIMENSIONAL or PARALLEL REALITY Experiences?

Metaphysical Philosophy Work:        BE with them. Pattern your Breathing for them, in utter CALMness. After Emergency it might be helpful to use a double- refracted calcite crystal to third eye to reintegrate the parts of soul.

Further Notes: Physics discussions & about living with paradox. Zome Tools & Genesa models.  There is a potential for fever and may be out-of-it for days; not remembering the experience later is common. IF you are sure the fever is a direct result of such an event, there is no need for the doctor, this is a "spiritual cleansing fever" and will not respond to antibiotics.

BODYMIND Work For:    Soul integration, being in the Present, possible fever (after allowing time for internal processing),